Meghan Markle Podcast: She says After Starting Dating Prince Harry, She Was Treated as ‘Black Woman’ to Mariah Carey

Meghan Markle’ second episode of her podcast Archetypes on Spotify was released Tuesday. Having the name The Duality Of Diva Meghan discusses the “complexities around the ‘diva'” and the derogatory connotations associated with the name” with pop icon Mariah Carey.


Who is Meghan Markle ?

Meghan Markle grew up in Los Angeles, she was born in California. She began her acting career at At Northwestern University; her most notable on-screen performance was as Rachel Zane for seven seasons (2011–2018) in the American TV legal drama Suits. She also established a presence on social media.

The podcast is available

The Duchess of Sussex’s Archetypes podcast has now published its second episode on Spotify. In it, Meghan Markle claims that when she first started dating Prince Harry, she was “only treated like a black lady.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Credit: SAMIR HUSSEIN/GETTY IMAGES)

If there has ever been a point in Meghan’s life when her attention has been more on her race, it was when she first started dating her husband. “Then, because up until that point, I had been treated like a mixed lady, when things really transformed, I started to realise what it was like to be treated as a black woman.”


Mariah Carey’s reply

But a mixed lady, Carey responds, “that’s an interesting thing. I always felt it should be OK to say that, like it should be OK to say that, but people want you to select.” The in-depth interview, titled The Duality Of Diva, has Meghan talking with the pop singer about the “complexities around the ‘diva'” and the term’s negative connotations. Carey once said that Meghan occasionally has “diva moments.” It’s very important for folks to keep in mind that we could play into this character or this diva thing, adds Meghan. Although I have no connection to it, it has played a significant role in your life.


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Mariah Carey described her Childhood to Meghan Markle

Mariah Carey discusses her youth in the podcast and says, “I didn’t fit in, it would be more of the black area of town, or then you could be where my mom wanted to live, where the more white areas and I didn’t fit in anywhere at all.”

Carey explained how a boy at school made fun of her for only owning three outfits and switching them over, adding, “It was real.” She continued by saying that when Carey first entered the music industry, she had a “Oh my gosh.” someone who resembles me.

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey (Credit: AP)

They discussed how to take care of their naturally curly hair


Meghan said on the podcast, “Because my hair is so thick and curly and because my mom is black, when my grandma Jeanette would do my hair as a child, she would say, “Just hang onto the sink,” Meghan remarked on the programme.

Meghan said on the show that her grandma Jeanette used to do her hair and would urge her to “just hang onto the sink” because of how thick and wavy it is and because my mom is black. Isn’t that all so fascinating? she continues. It is eye-opening to discover how interconnected power, agency, self-invention, the diva, and her reputation are.

Meghan Markle’s thoughts

The “Obsessed” singer responded by describing it as a “interesting thing” to be forced to pick between identifying as Black or white. “Because I’ve always believed it should be acceptable to identify as a mixed lady. Like saying that ought to be acceptable. However, some want you to decide, “She said, and Meghan concurred.

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