Melanie Eam and James Barry Case Revisited as Next Episode of Sleeping with a Killer is on It

The 2016 murder of James Barry will be covered by Lifetime’s Sleeping With a Killer. Melanie Eam, who was James Barry’s ex-girlfriend, is accused of stabbing him with a kitchen knife after the two broke up over a video game chat. The death of James Barry in 2016 attracted a lot of attention since his ex-girlfriend, Melanie Eam. She was charged with killing him by stabbing him to death after they split up over a video game chat. Melanie Eam was only 20 years old when he committed this crime. She was charged with second-degree murder after six jurors found her guilty.

Even though the defense attempted to place the responsibility elsewhere, the case was quite straightforward. On November 17, 2016, early, Eam went to James Barry’s Loxahatchee home after he allegedly dumped her over a video game conversation.

She was found guilty of second-degree murder in 2018 for the death of James Barry. Also, she was sentenced to 50 years in prison by the judge. Melanie Eam was 22 years old at the time. Florida native Melanie Eam, who reportedly beat up her ex-boyfriend James Barry, was charged with second-degree murder.


How did James Barry die?

Melanie Eam and James Barry were in an on-off relationship

for approximately two years during the time of the murder. James Barry, the subject of the most recent Sleeping With a Killer episode, was a 21-year-old resident of Loxahatchee Acreage, where he shared a home with his mother and Guy Hand, her boyfriend. Barry allegedly broke up with Eam via a video game chat the evening before the murder. To confront him, Eam went to his home. After James admitted that he hadn’t been in love with her for months, things quickly became unpleasant. James Barry’s friend Jeff Jarzabkowski was present when the crime was committed.

Jeff had been playing video games and had dozed off. His awakening was brought on by Barry’s sobbing. Barry was stabbed seven times, and despite Jeff and Guy’s efforts to perform emergency CPR on him, Barry did not survive.

Eam also left her phone behind at Barry’s house. Eam allegedly made touch with the police after leaving the site through her cousin. Investigators tracked her down to Maryland, where she admitted to fatally stabbing Barry following their disagreement.

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What happened to Melanie Eam?

Prosecutors developed a solid case against Eam, 20 after he was apprehended because all the evidence pointed to him. Assistant State Attorney Lauren Godden concluded her speech by saying, “That stings. Anyone would suffer from such… But because she was acting insane, she made the decision to stab him with a large butcher knife.


It took the jury two days to deliberate on the rather straightforward case. After deliberating for four hours, the jury found Eam guilty of second-degree murder. However, Melanie Eam will be released from prison in 2066 after serving a 50-year sentence. She is currently incarcerated and will remain there for the majority of the rest of her life.


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