Michael Heaton, Cleveland’s ‘Minister of Culture’ Died Aged 66

Michael Heaton, Plain dealer readers’ Minister of Culture died on Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio in his house. According to the reports given by Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner, no cause of death has been disclosed.


Family background of Michael Heaton

The writing was in his blood as he was the son of Chuck Heaton, a Plain dealer sports writer. His father died when he was 90 in 2008.

Meanwhile, his sister, Patricia Heaton is a very famous Comedy actress from Hollywood. According to Heaton, She was the reason for his witty and humourous writing style.

Michael Heaton Education and Writing Career

Michael Heaton started is career as a rock music composer in his 80s and after that, Heaton graduated from Kent State University and became a Columnist and a Critic for the San Francisco examiner.

In nearly 31 years, he wrote more than 1500 minister columns which were a mixture of Sarcasm and Serious homages. A Cleveland-based Gray and Co. also published around 36 pieces named ” Truth and justice for fun and profit” in 2007.


Heaton has also co-authored two books, the first one being “Motherhood and Hollywood” with his sister and “I’ll be right back” with a longtime TV host, Mike Douglas.

Michael Heaton Relationship with David Gray

David Gray in an interview told about how he came to know about Michael Heaton. When he returned to Cleveland in 1990, he read an article written by Heaton and got really impressed with it. He also noted that Heaton’s writing style was very unique: thought-provoking but at the same time not too pretentious.

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Ground zero report

On September 11, 2001, when the 9/11 terrorist attack horrified New York City citizens, he provided his much-needed help. He was one of the first and foremost reporters to tell everyone about the disaster.

David Gray, after he witnessed his friend’s report and article, got simply enamored with it. He told that he couldn’t fathom how Heaton was not a famous writer.

Michael Heaton
Michael Heaton

Providing entertainment ‘entertainingly’

Michael Heaton always had keen interest in writing about off beta pop culture which included movies, music and many other things. According to him, what kind of media we consume tell us a lot about our culture and what kind of society we truly are.


Michael Heaton always believed in providing entertainment with humor. He always told everyone that laughter brings people together. In an interview, he even noted how laughter and entertainment helped him in coping with his mother’s death.

The story behind his nickname

In 2018, Michael Heaton disclosed how he got his nickname. Michael Snyder, who was an FM DJ based in San Francisco, used to share reviews regarding movies. So, Heaton got inspired by him and decided to take up his name.

His final Minister of Culture Column as a plain dealer was in 2018. He has appeared on various television platforms such as 3News programming till 2019.


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