Michel Charette is Back to ComediHa!, Who Else are with Him?

Michel Charette returns to ComediHa! surrounded by various well-known associates.

Last year, actors Michel Charette and Gildor Roy, at the pinnacle of their rage with District 31, hosted their first Gala ComediHa!

We have to acknowledge that the experience was a favourable one because Michel Charette received the invitation from the organizers of the Quebec City Comedy Festival to do it again this year, this time solo.

He took benefit of his conference and his opening number to come back again to the pandemic.

The fact that he had to proceed to work on District 31 during these two distressed years: “District 31 is an essential service in Quebec”.

In doing so, by looking back on his filming knowledge, he agreed with more than one follower in the room, with confidence and good behaviour.


Simon Delisle initially

  • In the first portion of this gala, we were treated to an amount by Simon Delisle, extremely well mastered, on vasectomy, an ordeal he had to suffer, but which was not sorrowful enough to provide him with enough funny material.

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Mario Jean afterwards

It was then the turn of Mario Jean, who is celebrating 40 years of career this year, to enter the stage, attired in his Ti-Guy Beaudoin clothes.

Michel Charette

Silvi Tourigny

Silvi Tourigny delivered one of the generous moments of this gala by going on with her character of Carole, this time to give us her valuable message on how to make money.

The outcome was entire fun, especially her Onlyfans dance!

Ouellet proposed a number on the reality that there are still decent people in our community, a suggestion that deserves a better approach.

Michel Charette finally

Ultimately, Michel Charette returned to the scene to admit a pursuit, that of hosting his talk show, “Le Michel Show”.

The idea was wonderful and the implementation even more so, while the novice animator received a Régis Labeaume on vacation, Martin Deschamps and Florence Pilote, the young daughter of actress Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin.

The latter played Louise Sigouin and turned out to be the nice surprise of this hilarious segment.

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Glidor Roy

  • In the second part, Michel Charette reconnected with his associate, Gildor Roy, to symbolize the Superheroes of regular life: “There you don’t seem to have saved the world, you seem to have taken up the challenge Activate”.
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The two playmates, ridiculously clothed, had fun with their assumed superpowers, before providing Caesar with what is Caesar’s, paying tribute to nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters and all these genuine everyday heroes.

Another duo followed, Dominic and Martin, to undertake their risky job with their usual collaboration.

A lesser-known face, Sébastien Haché narrated the fertility medication he suffered to shape a family.

His stories were rather humorous, regularly triggering a fair laugh in the audience.

The final round

The finale was a remarkable one, as the leading actors from the cult series Radio Enfer were brought together on stage for the demands of a Conventum Radio Enfer.

Michel Charette
Credit: ComediHa!

Nostalgia was there, as we reconnected with François Chénier, Anne-Claude Chénier, Rachel Fontaine, Robin Aubert and Micheline Bernard,

in the union the host of the sundown, Michel Charette.

An extraordinary time, which truthfully made people cheerful, in addition to ending the evening well.

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