Mikayla Nogueira Controversy: TikTok Star Criticized for Telling It’s Hard to Be an Influencer

It’s hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. TikTok Beauty Guru Mikayla Nogueira who boasts 13.5 million followers, is facing vitriol for her cold rant on her influencing career.

Mikayla Nogueira posted a video in 2021 and deleted it later on. But, it is still available on the platform and is doing the rounds in September 2022. The video has resurfaced and has become a hot topic of debate.

In the video, the TikTok Glam Beauty claps back at the user who suggests her to report 9 to 5 Job.


What Does Mikayla Nogueira Respond?

Mikayla Nogueira responds with ‘Try being an influencer’ instead.

“Every single day I get up at 6 am,” Nogueira said. “I spend about 5-6 hours filming video content that ranges from three to four videos, and then I spend a few hours editing that video content. Then I have to work on my other social media profiles.”

Mikayla Nogueira
Mikayla Nogueira

The TikTok star Mikayla Nogueira went further and claimed that she ended meetings at 5:19 PM.


in my opinion… best my brows have ever looked. Period. #brows #makeup #beauty

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“Try being an influencer for a day, try it. Because the people who say it’s easy are so far out of their minds. Try it for a day.”

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Netizen’s Reaction To Nogueira’s Rant

This brutal response did not go well with the public. They started accusing her of growing ego after getting fame. The rant felt rather out of touch and ungrateful to the viewers.

Another TikTok user @styledbyam sarcastically reproached by saying that after attending the university, they now have to “serve food and drinks for 8 hours.”

Others are criticizing her for ignoring her privilege and taking things for granted. People are wondering if the TikTok fame has changed her.

Fellow TikToker At Rescue

After receiving a huge backlash, fellow TikToker Melissa Tovar, has come to Mikayla Nogueira’s rescue. She defended Nogueira that she was just 23-year-old at that time and was yet to be a full-time influencer.


Therefore, she had little experience to take cognizance of the influencing career full-time. This statement by Tovar came immediately after netizens started discussing the connection with the influencers.

The discourse shifted towards users willing to subscribe to only those stars who bear a relatability to them. Some section of viewers would like to follow influencers who also juggle 9 to 5 like them.

What Is Mikayla Nogueira’ Response To Trollers?

As of now, the make-up artist Mikayla Nogueira is silent about the whole controversy. She has not addressed the backlash, she is facing from her old statement.


However, the discussion has been beneficial for her. As in her latest videos, she is gaining thrice times more views than before.

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