Mike Tyson’ Wife, Family Life & Mental Health Explored After His Viral Video of Punching Passenger

Mike Tyson is a significant personality who doesn’t need any introduction. Certainly, he had achieved a milestone in his carrier but he had a controversial family life. He had a failed marriage life with Robin Givens. The relationship was the abusive one and thus it ended on a bitter note. Mike Tyson has done his marriage with Monica Turner in 1997. He is having two kids with this marriage. Recently one video of Mike Tyson punching a passenger is getting viral. Therefore it sparks a debate about the mental health of the legend.


Tyson’s personal life and the controversy

Tyson is a prominent figure and has an immense fanbase across the world. Besides his glorious carrier, he is also a favorite child of controversies. Moreover, he also had a very controversial family life. He had earlier married Robin Givens but later accused her of adultery. Their marriage gets a brief ending within 3 months.

Robin Givens had accused Mike Tyson of spousal abuse and demanded a divorce settlement. However, Tyson had said that they were still intimate after filing for divorce. He further stated that one fine day he catch Brad Pitt having sex with Robins. Therefore he gets furious getting to know their physical involvement.

There were many past controversies about Mike Tyson, but Mike is happy after marrying Lakiha Spicer, who is his current wife.

Mike Tyson with Lakiha Spicer
Image: Mike Tyson with Lakiha Spicer

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The inside story of the viral video!

There is a video of Tyson getting viral where we can see him punching a passenger. In the video, a passenger was continuously trying to speak with Tyson. Mike, therefore, punched him as a consequence of his continuous poking. In the viral video, we can see that Tyson leans over his seat for punching the passenger.

Certainly, Mike Tyson was agitated by the repeated poking of the guy. We can see that Tyson was repeatedly punching the passenger leaving him wounded. Meanwhile, investigation agencies are currently investing in the matter.

Although the video is abusive there is another side of the store. It is stated that Mike Tyson was first quiet and friendly to the guy but anger was the response to provocation. Besides many fans are taking his side as it was a case of provocation. Many are tweeting supporting the legend as he loses his temper due to harassment.

Tyson’s flight controversy

In the ongoing viral video, Mike Tyson was punching a guy due to provocation. Even a witness is saying that the boxer loses cool due to the continuous harassment. At first, he was calm and friendly to his fellow passenger. But the passenger and his friend were repeatedly trying to talk to Mike Tyson.


Hence he gets agitated and was telling them to keep mum. When the passenger did not obey his request, he started punching him. After punching the guy, Tyson left the plane. Therefore Tyson once again landed himself into controversy.

Though people are believing that the altercation arises due to unnecessary poking. Thus Mike Tyson has witnessed many controversies in his life. Tyson earlier suffered from depression and alcohol addiction. Today he is living a happy life with his wife and children.


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