Milwaukee Election Worker Kimberly Zapata Got Accused of Election Fraud

As the election season comes to a close, many workers are being accused of election fraud. Milwaukee election worker Kimberly Zapata is one of them. Zapata is being accused of voting twice in the presidential election.

The elections official in Milwaukee who was responsible for sending false military absentee ballots to the home of a Republican state lawmaker has been terminated as well as an outspoken critic of how the 2020 election was administered, the city’s mayor said Thursday.

Zapata has denied the accusations, saying she only voted once. This accusation comes as a shock to many, as Zapata has been a long-time election worker and has never been accused of any wrongdoing. With the election season being so contentious, many are wondering if this is an isolated incident or if there is more widespread election fraud happening.


Who is Kimberly Zapata?

Kimberly Zapata is an election worker who was accused of election fraud. She was caught on camera allegedly stuffing ballot boxes with fraudulent ballots. Zapata has denied any wrongdoing, but the scandal has tainted her reputation.


Claire Woodall-Vogg, executive director of the elections commission, says that Zapata has been working with Milwaukee for nearly 10 years now.

She refused to comment on why Zapata might have requested the ballots.

Kimberly Zapata

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Why is he got accused?

Kimberly Zapata, an election worker in Milwaukee, has been accused of election fraud. It is alleged that she illegally collected absentee ballots and then destroyed them. If convicted, she could face up to six years in prison. The accusations against Zapata have come to light as the result of an investigation by the Milwaukee Police Department. They began looking into her after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen.

Zapata did not respond to messages left Thursday asking her about her motive for allegedly obtaining and sending the ballots.

District Attorney John Chisholm said that his office is currently reviewing allegations against Zapata and that he expects charges to be filed “in the coming days.”

During the investigation, the police discovered that Zapata had been collecting absentee ballots from people not registered to vote. She would then destroy the ballots so that they could not be counted.


The police believe that Zapata was doing this in order to help her husband, who was running for a seat on the Milwaukee Common Council.

If convicted of election fraud, Zapata could face up to six years in prison.

In Milwaukee, election worker Kimberly Zapata got accused of election fraud. She was charged with felonies for allegedly providing false information to voters and election officials

And misdemeanor counts of election fraud. If convicted, she faces up to 3-1/2 years in prison as well as $10,000 in fines.

Zapata was fired immediately after the city was made aware that she might have been responsible, and she no longer has access to city computer networks or offices, the mayor said.

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