MrBeast is Going to be The Most Subscribed YouTuber of All Time within Days

MrBeast is going to be the most subscribed YouTuber of all time, which has blown away the internet. Let us take a look at this article so to get some more details.


MrBeast Going to be the Most Subscribed YouTuber of All Time

MrBeast, the most viral YouTuber of all Time known for his action-packed videos on the video streaming platform is now the king of the video streaming platform called YouTube.

Recently the YouTuber crossed the record of 110 million subscriber milestone on his channel, therefore he has now attained a major milestone in the content creation business.

Right now, his channel subscribers range makes a record of 110 million subscribers, which makes him the biggest content creator or we can say biggest YouTuber in the business.

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MrBeast set to overtake PewDiePie’s subscriber count

It is very big news for the MrBeast fans as the YouTuber sets to overtake the biggest YouTuber on earth PewDiePie‘s subscriber count.

He has currently surpassed PewDiePie’s subscriber range by gaining 110 million subscribers. According to reports, MrBeast is gaining an average of 1 million new subscriber range every five days while PewDiePie is not as such gaining a massive hike in fewer days than five.

Therefore, the YouTuber turned business mogul is now all set to overtake PewDiePie’s subscriber count which is a really big thing for the MrBeast fans.

Well, on top of that there is another question that will MrBeast overturn the T-Series subscriber count as we know T-Series is one of the biggest Bollywood music companies that has attained much greater subscribers than PewDiePie, this question of whether MrBeast will be overtaking the most subscriber throne from T-Series or not is a real deal.

But the fact that he has been multitasking and juggling to control his other channels as well is a really appreciatable thing on this planet.


How did Mr Beast create this massive empire of 100 million subscribers?

Well, Mr Beast is the biggest brand name one can imagine, he initially started making gaming videos such as ‘Let’s Play’ mainly focusing on Minecraft and Call of Duty.

Afterwards, he started doing YouTube commentary on major YouTube dramas etc, but after attaining some good sort of subscriber base, he started making entertaining fun videos with his four friends which he hired for the videos.


From having zero subscribers to attaining now millions, the Youtuber has never stopped making content whether if its related to gaming, entertainment or other things.

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