MrBeast’ Squid Game is Back for His 100M YouTube Subscriber Celebration

MrBeast hit 100 Million recently, and that calls for celebration. But do you know what crazy idea he had to celebrate this milestone? Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast on YouTube hit 100 Million subscribers on July 28, 2022. To celebrate this momentum the YouTube superstar brought back Squid games, one of the most viral videos. 

After years of organizing absurd challenges like the star-studded Creator Games, opening his fast food restaurant chain, and even forming his charity, MrBeast finally crossed the milestone.

Another important factor in MrBeast’s rapid rise to fame on YouTube is his sincere goodness.


MrBeast gives away a private island

To give the community who has supported him throughout, Donaldson promised his fans an insane video. MrBeast bought a private island and flew 100 of his subscribers on a plane to compete for a private island.

MrBeast 100M YouTube Subscribers
MrBeast Private Island (Credit: YouTube/MrBeast)

In this video, the participants undergo four difficult tasks including the popular “Red Light, Green Light” challenge from his Squid Game video. The remaining competitors discovered a Play button buried on the island, which brought the competition to an end.

MrBeast praised his supporters for “almost a decade” of his life on the platform as he finally uncovered the trophy and proudly displayed the gleaming red prize in front of them. The details about this insane video of celebration were given by posting a short on YouTube.

That included a surprise the first commenter on the video receives $10,000. The crazy video aired on August 4 on his YouTube Channel.

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100 million celebration

Since 2012, Jimmy has started uploading videos on YouTube, and his debut video on his primary channel showed him playing Minecraft. He started producing content that showed him giving significant sums of money to strangers in 2018, and videos started to gain popularity.


Since then, his videos have changed to tackle startling difficulties like going without food for 30 days or playing a real-life Squid Game.

Before making the celebratory video, MrBeast called random 200 people who are his subscribers to compete in a “last one to leave” contest to win 500,000 in cash.

In this video, 100 boys and 100 girls competed against one another for a chance to earn $500,000 for their team as a whole.


Participants in the challenge competed in a variety of mini-challenges.

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