Nathalie Simard and Partner Lévis Guay in Quebec Vacation: Pic Together on IG

Nathalie Simard with her partner in Quebec together. She interrupted her vacation this week to deal with her fans on Instagram. She wanted to discuss an important topic with her fans on if.

While she frankly announced she was “angry” at the time, she after some time, posted a story with a cocktail along with her partner.

Once again, there are people with no life and who have zero benevolence and who use my notoriety, the public figure that I am to supposedly sell weight-loss products, and appetite suppressants. It’s wrong! It’s not true. There are no miracle weight loss products! “, she says, exasperated.

“I repeat, I had surgery 3.5 years ago, that’s why I forfeited 105 pounds and not as I took medications.”

“I’m not the only composer [to experience this situation], but there I had so many people putting down to me about this, I had to do a life and I took a break on my holiday to let you know because I love you so much.”

She also shared a written post on Facebook


She talked about Eve-Marie Lortie in her live video

Memorizing of Ève-Marie Lortie that she recently went out to criticize the same affliction. “I am sorry to see wicked companies stealing our pictures and our names to make untrue advertisements. I apologise, I’m angry,” she impressed.


She also shared a written post on Facebook

she also glints a gorgeous pleased hours later as she enjoys a cocktail with her partner, Lévis Guay.

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It was gorgeous dawn after all!

Nathalie Simard is currently on vacation in “her Mauricie” and even if she had decided to take a break from social networks while recharging her batteries, she decided to interrupt her leave to denounce a situation that exasperates her.

Nathalie Simard
Nathalie Simard and Lévis Guay

Nathalie Simard also took advantage of her life to come back to her change of look. “She’s still progressing the cut, I cut her just shorter lately. I’m extremely glad that you like it, because hey, I constantly want you to be pretentious of me, not to embarrass you. It is so much leisure! Before it took me an hour to blow-dry myself, but now it puts up with me five minutes, I have a tough coat! I find it so logical, it’s a great satisfaction.

See the full video here. During their vacation in Quebec, the couple shines.

About Nathalie Simard

Nathalie Simard was born on 7th July 1969. She is a pop singer from Quebec, also, she is the younger sister of musician René Simard

  • Simard was born in Île d’Orléans, near Quebec City.
  • Her initial role was in a Laura Secord pudding commercial at age of 2.
  • She also seemed on some TV shows, including the first existing Le Village de Nathalie, a children’s TV show where she wore a princess dress.
  • Nathalie also hosted Les Mini-Stars de Nathalie.

she was found out by the manager Guy Cloutier but in 2004, she sued Guy Cloutier for sexual misbehaviour she had been a victim for almost 20 years. The story gave rise to the news and brought back Simard with the cause of encouraging the children.

Nathalie Simard is a model of resilience and positivity

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