Nessa Barrett and Olivia Rodrigo’s Ex Zack Bia Dating Rumors: Are They Together?

Nessa Barrett has disproved accusations circulated by fans that she was secretly seeing Zack Bia who is the ex-boyfriend of Olivia Rodrigo. She disagreed with every rumor and clarified that they are just friends.


Who is Nessa Barrett?

Nessa Barrett is a very well-known Tik Tok personality and musician. In October, she released her most recent album, “Young Forever. “She was celebrating the release of her album.

Nessa Barrett’s previous relationships

All of Nessa Barrett’s fans are always very interested in her relationship status. She is a huge online celebrity and that is the reason why people are so interested in what’s going on in her life. She recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler this year.

Rumors about Nessa Barrett and Zack Bia’s relationship

In a recent concert, fans saw Nessa Barrettcheering for Hossler which clearly showed that Nessa has moved on and now is currently single. However, rumors have spread that now Nessa is in a relationship with Zack Bia.

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Who is Zack Bia?

Zack Bia is a well-known DJ and socialite. He used to date Olivia Rodrigo. Olivia is a Gen-Z music icon.

The reason behind Hossler and Nessa Barrett’s break up

Hossler and Nessa Barrettdated each other for a few months. They broke up in the month of August of this current year. It was said that their break up happened because they were having some problems in their professional lives.

After Nessa Barrett and Zack Bia were spotted hanging out together. Their fans began to think that the two of them must be dating. Their pictures were on social media, that’s where everyone saw them hanging out together.

Nessa Barrett’s tweet partly confirmed the guesses of fans

She also tweeted “Gemini (with an emoji of the blushing face)”.This caused the spark to become fire because it is known that Zack Bia’s Zodiac sign is Gemini.


Nessa Barrett’s reaction to the rumors

She immediately denied any speculations that she and Zack Bia were dating. This made the fans very upset as they were expecting some romantic thing between the duo.

“No, please, no, Zach is my friend. Lmao no?”

Nessa Barrett also misspelled Zack Bia’s name which is another reason to be sure that she is not interested in any romantic relationship with Zack. And maybe her reaction to this rumor is genuine.


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