Nicole Moorman, A Lawyer and Instagram Star Helped Lil Durk in The Georgia 2019 Shooting Case

Since The Georgia 2019 Shooting Case hit the rapper Lil Durk, his lawyer Nicole Moorman is very much currently in the news and fans thus want to learn more about her. Let us take a look at this article to know more about her.


Who is Nicole Moorman?

Nicole Moorman is currently the lawyer of the rapper Lil Durk and is thus defending him in the Georgia 2019 Shooting Case.

The lawyer specializes in criminal defense and therefore deals with cases in relation to federal charges and felonies.

Nicole Moorman
Nicole Moorman (Instagram/_kingcole_)

Nicole graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Criminal Justice. She has currently been working with Arora and LaScala since 2016.

She has also completed her master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Troy University. Even after that, she obtained her Juris Doctor degree in 2018 from the School of law.

She as per sources is a very talented lawyer specializing in criminal justice and is also very particular and specific in regard to her niches.

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What was Lil Durk’s Georgia 2019 Shooting Case?

In any case, Lil Durk’s Georgia 2019 Shooting Case, if you are unaware of it, involved the rapper committing murder in what was thought to be a particularly brutal case.

The rapper committed a non-fatal shooting at The Varsity Restaurant in Atlanta. It was thus at that time also claimed that the rapper gun shoot a man who was found wounded at that site.

As per sources, the wounded victim took part in a heated argument with another Black male. And not with that, footage from the incident showed the rapper shooting the man while driving past the restaurant.

Police also came to the incident and reported all the things and situations that happened at the time.

The victim underwent hospital surgery, but with the grace of God, he survived the shooting.

The rapper was charged with felony charges, thereafter.

Lil Durk cleared from the 2019 Georgia Shooting Case?

Well, as per sources, Lil Durk is now free from the charges related to the 2019 Shooting case.

Since the rapper was facing charges that included “criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated assault, unlawful for employed by associated with criminal street gang to conduct/participate in crime, etc.

But so far he has been free from the charges due to a lack of evidence. The rapper even stated  “I have nothing to hide. I have nothing to run from.”

And thus we can say that his lawyer Nicole has played a big part in his freedom from the charges.

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