Noa Kirel An Israeli Pop Star Goes Viral After Wearing Kanye West Outfit at MTV EMAs

Noa Kirel is currently trending on social media after wearing Kanye West Outfit at MTV EMAs, and it has thus led people to think about what made the singer wear the controversial king’s outfit. Let us explore this article to know more.


Who is Noa Kirel?

Noa Kirel is an Israeli singer, actress and television host. She is born in 2001 in the towns of Ra’anana, the singer is known for her hit singles including ‘Pouch’, ‘Million Dollar’ and ‘Tikitas’.

Apart from her successful music career, she has also won major accolades in the span of her 21-year-old singing gig. After winning the award for MTV Europe Music Awards for ‘Best Israeli Act’ between 2017 and 2021, she has made a mark in the Israeli music industry.

She not only sings but dances write and act also which is why her Israeli fan following is huge.


She also says:  “When I write a song, I see the visuals in my brain, the dance, the colours, and the performance. It’s one unit.”

Noa Kirel wears Kanye West Outfit at, TV EMAs

Recently held MTV EMAs, Noa Kirel made her fifth appearance at the MTV Awards where she arrived wearing a dark metallic two-piece.

But the shocking fact was that she arrived wearing her outfit with a print of the face of controversial American rapper Kanye West.

She thus completed the look with gold chains, and her outfit also included Stars of David.

Her fashion outfit designed by stylist Itay Bezaleli, fashion designer Yuval Alroey, and jeweller Maya Geller, therefore she even credited her whole team for transforming this idea into light and is thus grateful for them as per the singer.

Noa Kirel
Noa Kirel (Credit: AP)

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What did Noa Kirel say about the Kanye West Outfit that she wore?

Noa Kirel recently wore a dress featuring Kanye West’s face and people thus wanted to know the reason behind this outfit featuring Kanye West.

Whereas speaking to the Israeli news media, Kirel also stated: “This is a clothing set that stands out on the red carpet with a strong message, not just a beautiful piece of clothing.”

She further added: “a fashion item with a message for the whole world; an item that signals that I am both Jewish and Israeli, “We have been experiencing a lot of antisemitism, especially in light of Kanye West’s statements. I am proud to be an Israeli artist who represents Israel in the world.”


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