Orissa Kelly, Gains A Lot of Followers on Instagram and TikTok After Showing Acrobatic Shooting Skills

Orissa Kelly, an acrobatic foot Archer recently gained a ton of Instagram and TikTok followers. This happened after she showed her mesmerizing acrobatic skills to the world.


Who is Orissa Kelly?

Kelly is one of the world’s only fire foot archery performers. She hails from Britain and she specializes in Contortion, Aerial Skills, and foot archery. She started her career as a gymnast at the young age of 17 and then worked in the circus as one of the aerialists.

Early life of Orissa Kelly

Orissa Kelly was born on March 6, 1995, in Watford, Hertfordshire. Mark Stanton Kelly, her older brother, is an internationally recognized stunt performer. She started training and competing for Harrow School of Gymnastics when she was just 3 years old. After playing both nationally and internationally, she retired from her competitive Gymnastics when she turned 17.

Orissa Kelly
Orissa Kelly (Instagram/orissakelly)

Orissa Kelly Career

Orissa started training in acrobatics at Du Sol School of Aerial and Acrobatics at 17. This kickstarted her dream as a circus performer. When she turned 19, she started developing her foot archery act and thereby training every day in a cold cricket field.

In 2016, she participated in Britain’s got talent and impressed the judges with her deathly stunts. One judge Amanda Holden went as far as to say that she is a really bendy got cupid. She has performed in nearly every continent apart from Antarctica. She even performs shows for celebrities and for corporate events.

The mystery behind Orissa name

Not a lot of people know this, but her parents named her after the Indian State Odisha. According to her parents, Kelly’s birth was a miracle in their family. Kelly’s parents had once come to Odisha after knowing that they couldn’t have another child. They prayed and wished for a child and soon after that Orissa was born.

According to Orissa Kelly, this gesture was their own way of symbolizing their love for Orissa Kelly as they were extremely overjoyed. Ask her about her feelings towards this name and she simply says that she loves her name. She feels that her name is unique just like her profession. She also says that Orissa is extremely rich in its culture and has some great cuisine and that she is proud of being named after this Indian State.


The new social media sensation

Orissa Kelly has more than 1 million followers across social media. She also has reached over 100 million views by showcasing her incredible skills.

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