Parag Agrawal’s Net Worth Explored as Elon Musk Fired This Twitter CEO

The CEO of Twitter just fired the Indian tycoon Parag Agrawal, and now everyone wants to know how much money he might have received from Twitter. Let us explore this article to know some more details.


Who is Parag Agrawal?

Parag Agarwal is an Indian software developer who succeeded Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter in November of last year.

He completed his Bachelor’s in Computer Science Degree from the Indian Institute of Bombay and did his PhD at Stanford University.

After completing his PhD in 2011, he joined Twitter as an ads engineer and severed the company in multiple positions thereafter in 2017 appointed Twitter’s Chief Technology Officer.

Before joining Twitter he even geared his career by interning with multiple tech giants like Microsoft, Yahoo etc.

When Parag after chosen to lead Twitter as CEO in November 2021, created a feeling of pride among Indians.

Parag Agrawal
Parag Agrawal

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Why did Elon Musk fire Parag Agrawal?

Well, Elon Musk and Parag Agrawal’s relationship initially started off great, however, their relationship went south when greater talks progressed.

When there was this news that Musk will join Twitter and work with Parag, Parag himself tweeted and expressed his happiness about working closely with Musk in the company.

However, their relationship went southwards when Musk expressed his comments on Twitter’s spam and bot accounts and thereby he bashed them heavily on Twitter, which led to the duo falling apart.

Therefore on April 9, a tweet came from Elon stating:
Most of these “top” accounts tweet rarely and post very little content. Is Twitter dying?

After then on April 11 came another tweet from Parag stating and announcing that Musk has decided not to join the board.

However, after Musk offers to buy the company for $44 billion the whole relationship between him and Parag went downward, resulting in his firing of Parag and other employees working in the company.


What will be Parag Agarwal’s Net Worth after getting fired by Twitter CEO Elon Musk?

Since Elon fired Parag who was the CEO of the company. He also fired some of the top executives on Twitter and as per reports, those top executives who were fired will be getting compensation.

As a result, sources indicate that the former CEO Parag will receive a payout of approximately $38.7 million. This suggests that even though Elon Musk fired him, Parag’s net worth would have continued to increase.

As per reports, in 2021 when Parag was the Chief technology officer, his total compensation was $30.4 million and after being a CEO, his salary was about $1 million.


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