Park Eun-Bin Boyfriend 2022: Who is The Extraordinary Attorney Woo Actress Dating Now?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo actress Park Eun-bin reveals she’s never been in a relationship. Swipe up to know her ideal type! and who is she dating now in 2022?


Extraordinary Attorney Woo-Autism Spectrum

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has become one of the most popular Korean dramas of 2022 so far. It tracks incidents and ways to combat discrimination. Emotional and overwhelming, the show resonated with audiences with its sensitive approach to disability.

The main character of the series, Kang Tae Oh, will play Woo’s colleague and lover. In episode 10 of the show, he finally worked up the courage to tell a rather nervous Wu that he was in love with her and the two shared a kiss.

Park Eun-Bin
Lee Jun Ho

In a behind-the-scenes video in which Lee Jun Ho, who plays Kang Tae Oh, rushes to confess his feelings to Woo, the actor asked the director for advice on the scene, and the director told him. Tone over emotion. After saying “I love you so much that my heart is sick”, I feel relieved, so please say it with a breath or a half air half breath. “

Later, after Lee Jun Ho and Woo officially started dating, she expressed her nervousness about holding hands, saying she could not hold hands for more than 58 seconds. In behind-the-scenes footage, Kang Tae-oh reveals his concerns and feels uneasy about the final result. Eun Bin said, “Please don’t think you can’t do it.”

Lee Jun Ho and Woo kiss in front of his apartment amidst flickering lights in episode 10. After the romantic scene, both actors quickly make sure it’s right. They checked, and the director replied, “It went pretty well.”

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Park Eun-Bin shares thoughts on being single

Park Eun-Bin got famous for “Do you like Brahms? and now “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“. Other than that, she causes a stir when she reveals that she hasn’t gone through a relationship yet. Read more below.

Park Eun Bin became a hot topic when playing an autistic lawyer in ENA’s romantic drama ‘Extraordinary Lawyer Woo’. Because of this, many fans have expressed interest in her and have become more curious about the personal life of the actress. Recently, Park Eun Bin became a hot topic among fans when it was revealed that she has been single, now even at the age of 31.

Park Eun-Bin
Park Eun-Bin

Fans of the actress may not believe it, but Park Eun Bin is embarrassed by the truth. Park Eun-bin added, “But I don’t like being called an ‘actress who didn’t have a boyfriend by birth.’ I think I have a problem.”

Park Eun Bin made her debut as a model when she was just four years old and stepped onto the acting scene a few years later. She also focused on studying in school and keeping good grades. The actress majored in psychology and broadcasting when she entered Sogang University.

But she doesn’t shut down her thoughts. Park Eun Bin would like to have a beautiful and romantic relationship if given the chance!

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