Queen’s Funeral Guardsman Jack Burnell Williams Found Dead

Queen’s Funeral Guardsman Jack Burnell Williams has died and people are just going crazy over the internet regarding the reason behind his death. Let us take a look at this article to get some major insights.


Queen’s Funeral Guardsman Jack Burnell Williams found dead in barracks

A super young Queen’s Guardsman who basically took part in the Queen’s Funeral has tragically died. He was a recent recruit who joined at 18 years of age.

Trooper Jack Burnell Williams played a very important role in the procession of guarding Queen Elizabeth’s coffin since the majestic gun carriage carried from Westminster Abbey through Whitehall, down The Mall and past Buckingham Palace to Wellington Arch earlier this month.

But now the soldier has died while carrying his her majesty’s coffin.

Police and Paramedics were called from London Ambulance Service to Hyde Park Barracks in Knightsbridge, London on Wednesday in an attempt to save the man.

However, there was nothing that they could do and therefore the Guardsman died at the scene.

Jack Burnell Williams
Jack Burnell Williams (Facebook/Jack Burnell Williams)

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What are Jack’s Family and Friends saying regarding his sad dismiss

After the death of the 18-year-old soldier, people over the internet are showcasing their grief and sadness regarding the young guardsman.

But if we talk about Jack’s family, it’s no doubt the kind of grief and sadness they will be facing and having since their very close mate has died.

Recently the soldier’s mother Laura, 42 shared an emotional tribute to her son on social media alongside the picture of their beloved son stating  “Never ever thought I would be saying this but we as a family are all heartbroken with the sudden passing of our wonderful son Jak Williams yesterday.”

Apart from that, before his death, his family and friends were very happy since their son was guarding Queen Elizabeth which was a much delight for him and his family. His family proudly declared that their son was “doing his duty for the Queen on her final journey”.

They also posted their son’s video taking part in the ceremony. Also on the day of the Queen’s funeral, Jack’s father also wrote on social media “My son doing his duty for the Queen on her final journey. So proud of you Jak Williams xx very proud father xx”.


Has Police stated anything regarding Jack’s death?

So far Police are not treating the death of Jack as something very suspicious.

As per the recent statement of the Police “The death was unexpected, it has been investigated and is not being treated as suspicious. Officers will assist with preparing a report for the coroner.”


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