Result of Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee Case: Murder Charges are Dropped

Social media is trending with Adnan Syed’ news as the murder charges against Syed dropped in recent court trials. Let us look at this article to get into detail about the Syed and the Lee murder case.


Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee Murder Case

The Adnan Syed and the Hae Min Lee murder case has very much captured the light and the attention of thousands of people over the internet. This case has been under people’s coverage for way too long.

Well, the case goes on with Hae Min Lee killed by strangulation at 18 years of age when she was just a student at Woodlawn High School in Baltimore County, Maryland, United States.

After returning from school, police found her body buried in the park founded nearly a month.

Mr Syed, who dated Lee detained following a police investigation, and also entered a not-guilty plea.

Syed, 17 at that time charged with her killing and therefore convicted in 2000 of first-degree murder, robbery and false imprisonment and sentenced to life in prison.


The case attained vast media coverage since the case ran for more than a decade the attention and the matters associated with the case got much more focus than anything.

Adnan Syed
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Charges dropped against Adnan Syed in the Lee Murder Case

Recently on Tuesday, all charges against Adnan Syed dropped, the man who spent two decades behind bars for the accusations of killing his ex-girlfriend in 1999.

Prosecutors dropped the charges against Mr Syed on October 11 when the Maryland Office of the Public Defender stated that the charges were dropped against Syed because the DNA evidence excluded Mr Syed.

Sayed was thus freed from prison last month after prosecutors moved to vacate his murder conviction stating  “the state lacks confidence in the integrity of the conviction” but they stopped short of declaring his innocence. Therefore, they had 30 days to decide whether to pursue a new trial or to wait on DNA analysis to determine their next step.

Therefore based on the prosecution’s actions, a judge last month stated the conviction and thus freed Syed who walked out of the courthouse with cheers from t he supporters.


Syed’s attorney praised the decision to drop the charges

Syed’s attorney Erica Suter praised the decision to drop charges that were very much long overdue.

She stated in a statement “Finally, Adnan Syed is able to live as a free man. The DNA results confirmed what we have already known and what underlies all of the current proceedings: that Adnan is innocent and lost 23 years of his life serving time for a crime he did not commit,”

Syed therefore now plans to continue his college education and now has dreams of going to law school

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