Rolf Harris Illness: 92 Years-Old Entertainer is Suffering from Neck Cancer

The convicted 92-year-old “paedophile” and entertainer Rolf Harris is currently fighting serious neck cancer. The sources confirmed that he is under 24-hour intensive care and he has to be fed by tubes.


How serious is Rolf’s condition?

According to the neighbors, the disgraced Australian Children’s entertainer is “gravely sick” and he is having trouble eating and talking properly. “Only carers and nurses, who care for him 24 hours, come and go. I’m told he can’t eat anymore.”, his neighbor Portia Wooderson said in an interview.

According to the reports

, his health has been on a constant state of decline after his release from jail 5 years before. Even in jail, he was constantly hospitalized due to Diabetes. His health supposedly further deteriorated after the death of his much-loved poodle dog earlier this year.

William Merritt, Private investigator and author also confirmed the news. Besides, he also said that Harris doesn’t ‘particularly like kids’. According to William, Harris has become extremely irritable further adding that he wants to be on his own.

William said, “Harris is still the entertainer when he wants to be”. “(He’s) battling a cancer of the neck, and gargles when he talks. It’s difficult to understand him, but he is still the entertainer”, Merrit informed the media.

“As soon as one of two people walk into the room, he turns into a big kid again. He’s an artistic type, and he’ll try to perform on cue, even when he’s unwell”, William concluded.

Rolf Harris
Rolf Harris (Credit: Getty Images)

Why was Rolf Harris in jail ?

The former TV presenter was accused of some serious crimes. The crimes included, 12 counts of sexual assault : the first one was on an autograph hunter of eight years. Meanwhile, the two counts were on on girls in their early teenage and the remaining counts on his daughter’s friend.

He was given the sentence of five years and nine months in jail as a punishment. However, after three years, the judge decided to release him on parole in May of 2017. Meanwhile, one conviction was overturned. This was on an appeal made by Harris’ lawyer in November 2017.

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Harris’ comments regarding the allegations

Rolf Harris chose not to comment anything about the conviction after his release from the jail. However, in William’s latest book, he disclosed everything about his experiences and how he was accused for the crime he never committed.

“I understand we live in the post truth era and know few will want to know what really happened during the three criminal trials I faced – it’s easier to condemn me and liken me to people like Saville and Glitter”, Harris said.


“I was convicted of offences I did not commit in my first trial. That is not just my view but the view of the Court of Appeal who overturned one of my convictions. I had already served the prison sentence by the time of the appeal”.

“I changed my legal team after the first trial, and I was told that if the truth was out there, William would find it and he did. The evidence he found proved my innocence to two subsequent juries”.

“I’d be in prison serving a sentence for crimes I did not commit if it were not for William’s investigation. It is difficult to put into words the injustice that I feel”, he finally concluded.


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