Savannah Graziano And Her Fugitive Wanted Father Were Killed in Shootout

On 27th September this year in California, a 15-year-old girl named Savannah Graziano was kidnapped by her own father and got killed in a shootout between the California police and her father.


What actually happened?

Anthony John Graziano, Savannah’s father killed his wife and kidnapped her and fled in her white pickup truck. Graziano and his wife Tracy Martinez were in the process of getting divorce. Anthony already left his home one or two months ago when the incident happened. Prior to the incident there were also some cases of domestic violence from Anthony’s house. After Anthony moved out Savannah decided to live with her f ather whereas his brother chose to stay with her mother Tracy Martinez. Savannah Graziano was daddy’s girl, their neighbour said.


Anthony right after killing his wife a day before the highway gunshot incident kidnapped her teenage daughter Savannah Graziano and fled away.  Meanwhile, he stopped his white pickup truck at a gas station in Barstow, California. It was the gas station worker who saw Savannah nervous and conscious and called 9-1-1.

From there the California deputies ran after Graziano and were got involved in an ugly gun shooting with Anthony Graziano which led to the death of both Anthony Graziano and his teenage daughter Savannah Graziano.

Savannah Graziano
(Credit: AP)

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What did the sheriff say about the incident?

The sheriff said that both the people in the white truck were killed badly. After the gunshot, when they reached near the truck they found Anthony dead and recovered only a single gun from the place. The teenage girl Savannah was also shot by a gun and taken to the local hospital, however, she died an hour later. 

Was Savannah also involved in the firing?

Whether Savannah was involved or not in the gunfight is vague. The deputies said this shootout case could be registered under AB 1506 law which allows the investigation if any civilian is found dead because of a California peace officer. The teenage girl was living with her father and also was there when her father killed her mother Tracy Martinez heartlessly, Martinez’s body was found with multiple wounds caused by a gun. 

However, from the highway near the pickup truck they only found  a single rifle and still can’t say whether Savannah was involved or not in the shoot. The officials are still trying to find out whether Savannah Graziano was killed by police or by her own father or both. 


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