Spencer Pratt’s Feud with Lisa Kudrow: He Calls Her ‘the worst human’

In a TikTok video, Spencer Pratt’ feud with Lisa Kudrow is visible. He insulted Lisa and called her ‘the worst human’ while replying to a fan’s query.

Let’s find out what’s the matter behind the comment.


Spencer Pratt’ Remark

In a TikTok clip, Spencer Pratt harshly referred to Lisa Kudrow as “one of the worst humans I’ve ever met.”

Spencer Pratt, 39, The Hills actor, disclosed it while responding to a fan’s question on online media. The fan’s query is visible in the upper left section of the clip and is displayed as follows: “Spence!! Tell us the rudest celebrity you’ve met!”

Spencer Pratt
Spencer Pratt (Credit: Getty Images)

The television personality uncovers, “Oh that’s easy. Phoebe from Friends; hands down one of the worst humans I’ve ever come into contact with, by far.”

Spencer Pratt declined to explain his feelings. Spencer Pratt said that he would “think” about sharing them if the clip received more than a million views. Thus, at the moment, it’s unclear what he is referring to.

People’s Reaction to the Remark

The users have mixed reactions to the remark. One commented, “What??? Noooooo”.

Another one said, “but wait I want the story behind this please”, to which Spencer replied: “If this hit million plus views i will think about telling the story”.

Some, however, cracked a jest, “are you sure you didnt meet regina phalange” and another suggested: “You must’ve met her twin sister Ursula cause it could’ve never been phoeb’s”.

Bethenny Frankel, Real Housewives of New York City star, concurred with Pratt. She said, “That’s crazy. She was on my talk show and I had a crazy experience also”.

In 2012, Lisa, 59, from Friends showed up on Bethenny’s television chat show.

A user remarked, “Story? Maybe she was just having a bad day”. To which Pratt replied, “It was a targeted attack”.

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Twitter’s Reaction to Spencer Pratt’ Remark

Lisa has won hearts all over the world for her portrayal of Phoebe Buffay in the enduring American sitcom Friends. She has become one of the most adored Hollywood stars.

Many of the actress’ admirers got outraged by Spencer Pratt’s recent jab at her.  Numerous critics accused the former on Twitter of his terrible remark on Lisa Kudrow.


Twitter is flooded with comments which are in favor of Kudrow.

Who is Lisa Kudrow?

Lisa Kudrow was conceived on July 30, 1963, in LA, California. Her prominent works include:

  • Mad About You in 1992–1999
  • Friends in 1994–2004
  • Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion in 1997
  • The Opposite of Sex  in 1998
  • The Comeback  in 2005, 2014
  • Web Therapy  in 2008–2014
  • Web Therapy  in 2011–2015
Lisa Kudrow
Lisa Kudrow (Credit: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Lisa’s ‘Friends’ personality became hugely popular during the show’s run. It emerged as one of the most well-known figures in American television history.

She has won numerous awards as well:

  •  Primetime Emmy Awards ( 7 nominations)
  •  Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (1998)
  •  Primetime Emmy Award (2021 nomination)
  •  Screen Actors Guild Awards (12 nominations and 2 wins)
  • American Comedy Awards (1 win and 8 nominations)

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