Stacey Dash Shares Her Struggles with Drug Addiction: Calls it Her “Deepest, Darkest Secret”

Stacey Dash has once again made it to the headlines after posting a TikTok on rapper DMX’s death. Stacey Dash confessed in the TikTok video that she’s been ‘clean for six years’, which is a follow up on the drug-addiction issues she had in the past. Swipe up to know more!


Stacey Dash’ ‘clean for six years’ drug-addiction story

In a recent TikTok Stacey Dash posted online, she spoke out on the drug-addiction she had in past, which now she claims to be off on for over six years. Stacey Dash has been very loud and clear about her worries and struggles with drugs and how she was able to finally move-on from it.

Dash made her appearance on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ in October 2021 where the actress spilled the beans about many such details on her drug-addiction. She confessed to have been taking ’18 to 20 pills a day’ of Vicodin, an opioid painkiller to be given only on medical prescription. It’s a drug used to cure moderate to unbearable pain.


I was strolling through #tiktok

and found a #DMX song that has saved me many times. Suddenly it says #RIP i know I am late, i did not know he passed away, he #OD I am heartbroken – he was such a great guy. #devestated #staceydash #fyp #sober ♬ original sound – Official.StaceyDash

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Hearing her story, Dr. Oz replied with “18 to 29 Vicodin a day, that’s expensive”, Stacey agreed to have lost everything in it. She mentioned that she was spending about five to ten grands per month on the pills. To the severity of the situation, Stacey almost died during this phase. Her kidneys got infected, her blood became septic and the organs were calling it off. She had a full blood transfusion.

According to Page Six, Dash stated this as her deepest and darkest secret on one of her Facebook posts.

After spending her time in rehab of Utah, she finally overcame her issues with addiction. The actress now claims to be ‘clean for six years’.

Stacey Dash
Stacey Dash (Credit: Getty Images)

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Stacey Dash’ career timeline

Stacey Dash initially started in show business with ‘Farrell for the People’ in 1982 and ‘The Cosby Show’ in 1985. She persistently made it to the television and appeared in the movies during the 1980s. Her biggest breakthrough came in 1994, in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. Furthermore, she became a name in the household for her cast in Clueless, the movie and the show.


During the 2000s, Stacey Dash appeared in a lot of movies and shows including Gang of Roses and I Could Never be Your Woman. She was even able to get roles in The Game (2009-2011) and Single Ladies (2011).

Stacey Dash
Stacey Dash (Credit: Getty Images)

The actress’ brand new acting gig was in the film Corsicana this year. Other than that, she was also casted in Carolina’s Calling in 2021 along with this year’s 7th Secret. Moreover, she was also able to make a reality TV career for herself.


Fans admire Stacey Dash for her over-the-top acting skills and a beautiful face. However, apart from her reel life, her real was not filled with glamour. She had a lot of internal battles which she bravely fought alone.

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