Starbucks’ Hocus Pocus Drinks: How They Are Made? How to Order Them?

Since Halloween is just two months far, the coffee giant, Starbucks would be releasing its Autumn menu shortly.

The center of attraction of the menu (secret) would be Starbucks ‘Hocus Pocus Drinks’. Now the question arises, How to order them? How are they made? So let’s find out.


History of Hocus Pocus

The three secret menu fun drinks aka ‘Hocus Pocus’, are inspired by the 1993 Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus’s three characters. These fun drinks are titled after the three eerie Sanderson sisters: Mary, Sarah, and Winifred.

These drinks impersonate the sister’s characters fully. The color of the drinks resembles their costumes and flavors resemble their personality traits.

Originally, these drinks were never a part of Starbucks’ official menu card. It is assumed that a strange individual, once, prepared these drinks which then flooded the internet.

How are they made?

By this time, you know that there are three frappuccino  secret drinks, namely:

  • Winifred- green, white, and red (inspired by her costume and hair)
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  • Sarah- blazing purple and a blend of berries
  • Mary- red and pink, chocolatey and strawberries

Preparation of Winifred

We have to add 1 pump of White Mocha Syrup to a green tea frappuccino. Further, there is the addition of one squirt of peppermint syrup. Then, whipped cream on top. Finally, garnish with crushed strawberries.

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Preparation of Mary

We add white mocha syrup to a strawberry and cream frappuccino. Strawberry puree is drizzled in a cup. On top, there is whipped cream, topped with crushed strawberry, and a mocha drizzle.

Preparation of Sarah

Add some berries to a violet drink, then we use Soy milk instead of coconut milk. Finally, topped with whipped cream and ginger powder.

How to order them?

To order these drinks at Starbucks, we just have to give instructions to them that how should we want the drinks. Above are the recipes.

Are there any more surprises?

We know that the coffee giant, Starbucks has a variety of drinks. It would release its Fall menu shortly which will include the prominent pumpkin spiced latte and rumored Halloween cups.


Some other incredible beverages (rumored) include Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, Apple Crisp Oatmilk Macchiato, and Chai Tea Latte.

There are some speculations about the dropping of Halloween Cups in 2022. These adorable Starbucks Halloween 2022 cups are purportedly shown in a document that has gotten the internet’s attention. Each couple of weeks, a fresh Halloween cup will release. Expected dates are:

  • Pumpkin orange studded cup on 30th August
  • Purple straw cup on 13th September
  • Lime green cup on 27th September
  • Purple studded tumbler on 10th October

So, are you all aware of these celestial drinks? If not yet, then be ready. Maybe you can all enjoy these fun drinks while watching the movie, ‘Hocus Pocus’.


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