Steven Tyler’ Addiction: Aerosmith Rocker Comes Out of Rehab After Recent Relapse “Totally Clean and Sober”

Sources report that 74-year-old Steven Tyler is now out of rehab and “totally clean and sober”. This announcement comes after the recent news of the musician’s relapse.


Struggle of Steven TylerWith Addiction

Steven Tyler has struggled with substance abuse and drug addiction in the past. He had tested and consumed a variety of different drugs, ranging from cocaine to methamphetamine, as per The List.

In an interview with GQ magazine in 2019, Steven revealed that he first started his journey with drugs in the mid-1960s. At that time it was only to the extent of a teenager smoking some harmless pot.

However, as the years progressed he lost control over his drug use and became addicted. Steven Tyler disclosed that he had a “no-holds-barred outlook” when it came to doing drugs and that he did everything like “heroin, coke, valium, anything that anyone came near with”.

During this time his situation and health deteriorated for the worse but he showed no signs of stopping.

Steven Tyler said, “What happens with using is: It works in the beginning, but it doesn’t work in the end. It takes you down. There’s nothing but jail, insanity, or death.


In another interview with Haute Living, Steven recalled that The early ’80s were terrible, and drugs took us down. I was the first one to get treatment. There was a moment in ’88 where management and the band pulled an intervention on me. I loved to get high so much, I fell into the well. I got so clouded up I didn’t know what this band was all about, didn’t realize how great it was.”

Steven Tyler confessed how thankful he was to the people who intervened and spoke up about his worrying drug addiction, guiding him towards change. People like his management and his band members in the late 80s implored him to check into rehab. “They thought, ‘Get the lead singer sober, and all our problems would be over”.

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The Recent Relapse

Steven Tyler worked many years towards sobriety and staying clean. His members revealed he had been sober for almost 10 years.

However, after recent foot surgery, doctors put the musician on pain management medication (opioids), which caused him to relapse.


Aerosmith (his band) announced the news regarding his relapse on May 24th. The band then proceeded to cancel their Las Vegas Residency dates as they admitted the singer to rehab.

Sobriety and Treatment of Steven Tyler

Now he is finally out of the facility and sources reveal that Steven Tyler is currently of healthy weight and has great skin after treatment. Also, the people around him are very supportive and encouraging. They believe he has come a long way in his battle with drug addiction.

Reportedly Steven has voluntarily stayed in rehab for 30 more days than he was supposed to. He did this because he wanted to fully recover before they dismissed him.


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