Suspect Identified in New York Fire Department’s Allison Russo-Elling’s Murder Case

Allison Russo-Elling’ Murder Case has now regained its new form as the criminal who killed Allison has been identified. People are very fulfilled that the suspect has been identified by the New York Police Department. Let us explore this article to get some more insights regarding what happened.


Who was Allison Russo-Elling?

Allison Russo-Elling was a member of the Emergency Medical Service who served the city for 25 years. Apart from servicing the city, she was also a World Trade Center first responder.

She was appointed to the FDNY as an EMT in 1998 and then promoted in 2002 and to lieutenant in 2016.

Throughout her career, she worked at multiple EMS stations and recently she was appointed at Station 49 where she had been working for the last year.

The lieutenant also served as a rescue paramedic in her career. Even after being 61 years old, Allison continued to contribute and work for the nation.


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Allison Russo-Elling was Killed due to stabbing multiple times

A long-time medical service professional of the New York City Fire Department Bureau of Emergency Medical Service after stabbing multiple times by the criminal died on Thursday in an unprovoked attack during her lunch break.

The 61-year-old after rushing to the hospital at that time in Queens died from her stabbing injuries committed by the criminal.

It all started when Allison was getting food during her break while wearing clothes that indicated that she was a member of FDNY when a 34-year-old man stabbed a knife in her chest multiple times.

Allison Russo-Elling
Peter Zisopoulos (Credit: Matthew McDermott for NY Post)

Many officers with this incident mourned the death of Allison, NYPD Commissioner Keechant L, Sewell stated

‘This deadly, senseless, broad daylight attack on a uniformed EMT member is a direct assault on our society,” she said. “It is the latest consequence of the violence that we relentlessly fight in our city.”


New York Mayor Eric Adams also mourn the death of Allison. He stated, “We lost one of our heroes, she provided a service to the city for over 24 years”.

Suspect Identified in Allison Russo-Elling’s Murder Case

Well, the New York police have been successful in identifying the killer in Allsio Russo-Elling’s Murder case.

The suspect identified as Peter Zisopoulos, 34 years old is possibly behind the murder.

Since he has no previous arrest or murder cases, police are saying that he does have a history of mental illness.


But now, he has been accused of violence which he did by attacking a public medical servant.

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