Tariq, The TikTok’s Viral Corn Kid is Now The Official ‘Corn-bassador’ of South Dakota

Recently the Corn Kid is making headlines on social media with his surreal love for corn, therefore it seems like the public is liking the catchiness of the corn boy’s love for corn. Since the viral kid is the now official ‘Corn-bassador’ of South Dakota, the buzz is increasing hugely. Let us explore the article to know some of the major insights.


Who is the Viral Corn Kid on social media?

The Viral Boy who has been a hugely popular boy on social media nowadays is a 7-year-old boy named Tariq initially from New York.

According to recent sources, the boy has a greater love for corn to such an extent that for him corn seems real. His love for corn made him a viral kid on social media who gets a surreal feeling every time he sees Corn.


intro song for any meal/snack with corn 🌽 – from iconic interview on @doingthings

♬ It’s Corn – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

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What made the Viral Boy go viral on Social media?

The immense love Tariq shares for corn created a fun element for the fans to enjoy and explore. With the viral kid stealing millions of hearts of fans, the corn kid initially appeared in a video on Recess Therapy which posts hilariously sweet, funny clips from interviews with host Julian Shapiro-Barnum.


The host interview the Corn Kid, Tariq, with Tariq saying that “For me, I really like corn,” as he takes a bit of grilled corn on a stick. Julian then follows asking the boy what he likes about the sweet vegetable, with the kid replying that corn is magical and real.

After the viral kid’s interview video got greatly popular, the music group ‘The Gregory Brothers’ turned the interview into a TikTok clip filled with catchy tunes, making the short clip get viral on Tik Tok and all social media sites.

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Meet the Tariq who feels like the corn is real

The viral kid named Tariq who loves corn believes that corn is real as he talks in an interview, the boy states that corn for him is real.

Corn for some is just a normal-looking scratchy vegetable but for Tariq, it’s a big, beautiful lump with Knobs on it.

As Tariq says”I mean just look at this thing, I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing, it’s corn!”


Is Viral Kid Tariq the official ‘Corn-bassador’ of South Dakota?

Well, yes, the viral kid Tariq is now the official ‘Corn-bassador’ of South Dakota. Recently on Saturday, Governor Kristi Noem signed an executive proclamation, which made Tariq, the viral corn boy the official ‘Corn-bassador’ of South Dakota.

Since South Dakota is one of the top producers of Corn in the nation, the governor’s declaration reads “… it is fitting and proper as Governor to make special note of outstanding young man.”

Now, with becoming the official ‘Corn-bassador’, the kid Tariq also created his own TikTok account where more of his content for the love of his favourite vegetable is shared.


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