Teddi Mellencamp Shares on Instagram That She Got a Neck Lift

Recently Teddi Mellencamp surprised her fan by announcing on Instagram that she had undergone a neck lift. Teddi told that she decided to have the neck lift due to her insecurities regarding her profile. According to her, she was not happy with her side profile of hers. She further shows her post-op pictures and adds that her recovery is going well. But some of her followers are not so happy with the decision of her neck lift. Although she had her reason, some of her followers are showing displeasure with her neck lift.


Teddi Mellencamp had a neck lift

Teddi was having insecurities regarding her side profile. So she turns to neck lift op to change her look. She even shares her operation news with her followers on Instagram. However, some followers are not liking her decision. Therefore they are slamming her decision to opt for neck surgery.

Moreover, Teddi shares how one follower DMD her slamming her for a facelift. However, Teddi gave the follower a savage response. The actress expressed in her response how she is always transparent about her life. Thus she has not lied about her operation. She, therefore, hints that she rather choose to be an unfiltered version unlike many. So she calls out the troll and suggests unfollowing her. Certainly, she was transparent about her journey rather than lying about her operation.


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Teddi Mellencamp gets trolled

Teddi Mellencamp always maintains transparency with her followers. She doesn’t prefer to be a filtered personality and therefore never pretends a lie. Unfortunately, she got criticism for her personal choice. The actress was not happy with the loose skin of her neck. But she got trolls in her way after her announcement.

Therefore she had to defend her decision after getting trolls. She gave back to a troll who had DMD her. The star even shared her encounter with the troll in her Instagram story Recently she is in her recuperation period and healing nicely. Earlier she got criticism during her weight loss program. During that program, she had given strict 500 calories diet/per day.

Teddi Mellencamp has always had transparency in life


Teddi Mellencamp is always open about her life decision. She shared her neck lift with her followers. Besides she had also confessed how she was uncomfortable with the sagging skin of her neck. She, therefore, chooses to go for neck lift surgery. Later she also shares how she was healing after the surgery. But she was criticized for correcting her look on the neck. The actress had received various trolls earlier with her life choices.

Teddi Mellencamp
Image: Credit: Instagam/Teddi Mellencamp

The actress is very vocal about the cosmetic procedure she had undergone. In 2019, she shared on her Instagram about her breast augmentation. After getting the news some fans praised her bold decision. But some skeptical netizens doubt that she may have more surgeries. Therefore one user goes on to ask her whether she had nose surgery done or not. But she knows how to deal with her trolls. Furthermore, she is also open about her skin cancer to her followers.


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