The Queen and Meghan Markle Memes & Tweets are Flooding amid The Queen’s death

The former monarch of Britain, Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday at the age of 96 due to ill health. Meghan Markle did not appear to meet the family after the queen’s death. 

It raised a lot of questions about the rivalry between the royal family. But one thing was clear Markle had a good relationship with the queen. 

Despite this knowledge, the queen and Meghan Markle’s Memes and tweets are flooding social media. These tweets have turned Twitter into a battlefield.


The Queen’s death and Tweets

Here is another sad news

. Britain’s monarch Queen Elizabeth died on Thursday. The royal family of Britain is devastated by the loss of the eldest and most beloved member of the family.

On August Thursday, Buckingham Palace announced that the monarch has been placed under strict medical supervision in Balmoral castle of Scotland.

A few hours after they announced this news, another news came out. The palace announced that the beloved Queen and the longest-lived monarch has passed away peacefully at her summer residence in Scotland.

This news attracted everyone’s attention from all over the world. Now everyone’s eyes are fixed on the British royal family. Amid Queen’s death, another controversy broke out as Meghan Markle did not join Harry to meet the family and Scotland after the Queen’s death.

Social media and Twitter are also flooded with contrary tweets and Elizabeth and Meghan’s memes.

Some people on social media are accusing Meghan Markle of not joining the family or her absence at the queen’s funeral. While some are supporting her and coming to her defense.

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II
Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II (Credit: Getty Images)

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The Queen and Meghan Markle Memes & Tweets are Flooding

One of the tweets reads, “Prince Harry should be ashamed to have put Queen Elizabeth II through the Meghan Markle saga in the last years of her life. If I were Elizabeth she would not be welcome at my home-going service.”

Reading these criticism full tweets some people also came to the couple’s defense and one fan tweeted that “if you are flooding social media with how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have led to Queen Elizabeth, stress and poor health, but not mentioning Prince Andrew you have clearly bought into the British media hate campaign against them.”

Another tweet reads “may God forgive Harry and Meghan for causing the queen so much pain, for I never shall.”


The list of these tweets is so long that you will not get tired of reading them. So let’s continue with some social media hustle and move to our next tweets.


“How long before Meghan makes the queen’s passing about her? Or even better, for saving races for Harry not becoming king?” – @dannydragani.

“Says a lot about this country that Megan is being blamed for the Queen’s ill health rather than the fact that she is 96 years old. Har San Andrew is an accused (and the queen paid off his accuser) but Meghan gets the blame. Honestly, it truly doesn’t sit right with me.” – another tweet in the favor of Meghan Markle.

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