The reason behind Robert Downey Junior’s bald avatar


Robert Downey Junior went bald?

Pictures of Robert Downey Junior in a completely shaved head have been going around the internet. Fans have been curious about this. Many are guessing different things. To clear all confusion about the matter we researched a bit and we will let you know what we find out.

Robert went bald for a show: The Sympathizer

It turns out that Robert Downey Junior who is popularly known for his role as Tony Stark has shaved his head for an upcoming show. His character should be bald and Robert being Robert has denied wearing any bald cap so he shaved his whole head.

The recent picture of Robert D Junior spread like wildfire as soon as it was posted online. Robert and his wife, Susan, were photographed at the Governors Ball on Saturday rocking their different styles.

Robert Downey Junior
Robert Downey Junior (Credit: Getty Images)

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Robert went bald in front of the world, shares video

Last month Robert posted a video of him with his sons. In the video, we can see that his son was shaving his head. He posted this video with the caption: “The things we do for our work… and our kids. #Sympathizer set ready.”

We can hear that he is telling his children that he wants to avoid a bald cap for his role in The Sympathizer. His sons then shaved his hair and jokingly drew a pumpkin on the back.

How fans reacted to his bald avatar?

The actor’s new look was taken differently by every Twitter user. Here are some tweets that were made about Robert’s bald head:  “Robert Downey Jr. went bald. The world is ending.”



“I am laughing and crying at the same time this is my new talent”

“@rdjsfilms the man can make anything look good”

Where did the picture of him bald come from?

Robert Downey Jr. was carrying a clean white shirt under a black jacket. The actor wore a black tie as well. Susan, his spouse, looked stunning in a classic black dress. Robert Downey Jr. and his changing hairstyles are a thing now. It’s nothing new.

We had previously seen him changing his hair color to blue for some sports. Even before that, we had seen him changing his hair color to grey. Robert keeps changing his style now and then.


So if in the future, he comes up with something new, don’t be surprised.

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