TikTok Trend: ’30 Day Intimacy Challenge’ Explained

Another trend by TikTok which is really getting popular these days is the 30 Days Intimacy Challenge. People have mixed responses to the trend.


What is 30 Days Intimacy Challenge in TikTok

As the name sounds, it involves getting intimate with your partner consistently for a month. However, by Intimacy, it doesn’t necessarily mean physical intercourse, as it is always thought of. Intimacy can be emotional and mental also, where couples feel free to share and bond over their emotions.

They can talk about the things that bother them emotionally. Partners can face the emotions that they are shy from usually. Instead of facing all alone, partners can confide in each other. Why is getting so popular While it might sound just another stupid trend, it can actually work for many couples.

As the relationship grows older many couples complain of losing the spark. Even if the relationship is quite young, other complexities of life sometimes overpower the need and desire to get intimate. People tend to ignore it.


They might blame Intimacy as a byproduct of hormones, but it’s not always that. Sometimes Intimacy, both physical and emotional, brings the couples closer. It can solve common relationship problems. It can be a solution to lack of trust, and communication problems, and bring out honesty, loyalty, and understanding in couples.


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Ways to practice

For a span of 30 days, couples may explore different horizons of Intimacy. It is completely up to them to go or not-go through intercourse. Partners can practice old-school methods such as going on dates, movie marathons, candlelight dinners, or surprise gifts.

It’s not always about going big, the smallest gestures make the biggest impact. Partners can show each other that they haven’t changed over the time period, they are still the same person they fell in love with. They can ask for forgiveness for any past mistakes they have made. It can be a new start to their relationship.

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What the couples have to say about this challenge

There are actually a lot of couples lauding TikTok for this trend. It has been really useful for them. However many others are mocking it for being a stupid trend. A user wrote, “it really worked for me and my husband.


You guys should definitely try it out!” Another user wrote, “We have been working on the issues between us for so long, we thought of giving this trend a chance, and it’s really helping. We are getting results.””Getting intimate for 30 days, Woah, who has so much time for this nowadays.”, a user commented. Some users are also claiming it to be a tactic to avoid the issues and get a distraction.


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