TikToker Mason Daniels Slammed for A Car Crash at Burger King Drive-Thru Line

A TikToker Mason Daniels recently received criticism on social media for yelling at a Burger King employee. Let us explore this article in order to get into it.


TikToker goes viral after cursing at a Burger King Worker

Recently a TikToker is getting very much viral on the platform after cursing at a Burger King Worker and is thus getting intense backlash for that.

Mason Daniels posted a video of himself on his TikTok account cursing a Burger King employee, therefore, saying ‘F**k You’ to the worker.

The clip which has gained millions of views initially started off with Mason as he is seen sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle in the drive-thru.

He thus goes on by asking the worker “Y’all got them brownie batter milkshakes?” the Burger King employee then goes on by stating  “Ah no, we got an Oreo.” that became the moment when Mason went on and cursed the employee as he laughed in his car.

This behaviour has captured the eyes of millions of people on the app who are bashing Mason for his inappropriate behaviour towards the worker.


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TikToker Mason Daniels crashes a car after misbehaving with a Burger King employee

However, it feels like an instant Karma hit up when another incident happened with Mason after cursing at the worker.

After verbally abusing the Burger King Worker Mason put his car into reverse so to get out of the drive-thru line and as he continued to laugh a car honked at him until in the video a loud car crash takes place with the woman sitting next to him yelling “F**k”.

Moreover, Mason thereafter claimed that there was no scratch on his car and no scratch on the other car as well. He shared another video where he claimed that there was no scratch on the other car and that the other car driver was also fine.


Replying to @calub156 #greenscreen Not a scratch 😉 anyways if u live in ohio and wanna buy the Burger King crash car hmu 😩😩😩😩🤠

♬ just wanna rock (Lil Uzi Vert) [Sped Up Version] – sped up nightcore

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TikTok users slamming Mason Daniels for his behaviour at the Burger King Drive Thru Line


However, after this incident, the comment section in the video became flooded with intense bashing and slamming of the TikTok content creator.

Moreover, people reacted to the video of the car crashing and cursing by stating “That’s gotta be a lie that did not sound like there was no damage, You could hear the crunch of the fenders in the original vid,” 

While others commented “Refuse to believe there was 0 damage,”

Apart from that people on TikTok are also relating the situation with Instant Karma, they are stating since he cursed the worker, he instantly then got into a car crash, which is the real karma that they are believing.


“When you think you did something & karma is right there waiting for you, Instant karma for treating the employee like that,

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