TikToker Mom Sparks major debate as she shaves her daughter’s unibrow

People over TikTok are going crazy with the viral video of a TikToker Mom that is hugely circulating on the social media platform which for some is disturbing. Let us explore this article to know some more insights.


TikToker Mom Shaved her daughter’s unibrow

Strange and questionable things happen on social media, one of them being the viral video of a woman who is shaving her daughter’s unibrows.

And she, the mother of the 3-year-old doing this waxing activity over her daughter’s unibrows in the TikTok viral video.

Her name is Leah Gracia, she runs her own TikTok account with the same name as her username and is behind shaving her daughter’s brows.

The woman captioned her recent TikTok video “I don’t care! I don’t care!”I’d rather y’all call me a bad mom before I let my 3-year-old walk around with a unibrow as my parents did!”

Her daughter kept on saying that it hurts, but her mother kept on doing the waxing by stating “All right, girl, now you got two eyebrows!”


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What made the mom shave her daughter’s brows?

Well, the reason the viral woman stated in the video of waxing her daughter’s eyebrows was bullying. She stated in the video that she wants to prevent her daughter from experiencing the bullying she has faced over her eyebrows.

Therefore she also captioned in the video that since she herself faced bullying on the same topic she does not want this to exceed to her daughter.

She also captioned the video with “My fellow Mexicans, y’all understand,” which has so far gone viral with a great 24.6 million views.

Even after the video got that much amount of views people wanted to go beyond the topic, due to which there is an intense debate going around this topic.

TikToker mom faces major debate over shaving her daughter’s unibrow

Well, the TikTok video that made everyone question the mother’s essence to shave her own daughter’s brows has created a major debate on the social media platform.


People are having mixed opinions over the viral action. Some are hugely criticizing this act of the TikToker user over her daughter but some are supporting and talking intensely about bullying which needs to be greatly talked about.

One commented “There’s no right or wrong answer, “People have to do what’s right for their families.”

Another commented “This makes me really sad but (it’s) your kid, do what you want,” yet another person wrote on the viral video “I’m so worried about them being insecure about their natural selves but I don’t want them to be bullied either.”

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