TikToker Morag Accidentally Shared OF Photo on Facebook

Recently, a content creator and a TikToker became famous after accidentally posting her Only Fans picture on Facebook. Morag’ mom, however, was not happy with the whole incident and slammed her.


Who is Morag Crichton ?

Morag Crichton is a 32-year-old famous TikToker born in Australia. She used to live in Exeter, however, she now resides in Plymouth.

Crichton took part in numerous reality shows. Some of them are, “Married At First Sight”, aired in 2021, and ITV’s dating show “Take Me Out”. Apart from that, she is also a very good veterinary nurse and she claims to be an animal lover.

Recently, she uploaded a video on TikTok in which her mother was yelling at Morag for having an Only Fans account. The video quickly amassed more than 275,000 views.

What exactly happened?

Morag accidentally uploaded her obscene pictures on Facebook which were originally meant to be posted on Only Fans. Her friends and family members saw the pictures and thought nothing of them.


However, when it reached her mom’s feed, she got very angry. Morag then decided to record a video of her mom and upload it on TikTok.

“How long have you been doing this f**king topless thing”, her mother asked her. But, she acted dumb and clueless which made her mom even more furious.“You know what I mean, I’m not stupid”, she said in the video.

Her mother then started questioning her actions and called her names. Seeing her reaction, Morag laughed and explained that she wasn’t topless and that her hand was on her chest, covering her breasts. Listening this, her mother responded, “until they pay ya to take your f***ing hand off tomorrow”.

Crichton then told her mother that she has been using the subscription content service for only “a month or two”. However, her mom was unconvinced and continued to insult her off camera.

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The reaction of the users

This video encouraged a mixed response from the TikTok users. Some were laughing and making jokes, while others sympathized with her mother. Meanwhile, some were just ignoring the video clip.


“Mom, calm down, I’m paying your rent,” one user jokingly said. “Show her your bank statement that she will eventually too,” another chimed in.

“Sounds like my mum”, someone said. “Mum is your best friend after this she’ll be like ‘So, when we going luxury shopping’”, the other user joked.

“Awe I feel for your mum here”, a user said. “‘Until they pay you to take your effing hand off’ she’s more pissed off with them,” someone else quipped with a laughing face emoji.


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