TikTokers’ Perspective of The Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer, Making Viewers Sympathetic

Netflix’s new series Monster is currently buzzing around the towns of Hollywood and fans are continuously discussing about Perspective of The Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Since we know the hype that the new series has created so far, there’s some intense debating going around on social media. Let us explore this article to get some insights.


What is the perspective of Jeffrey Dahmer, the TikTokers are having?

Well, the popular Netflix series Monster is buzzing so far, each and every person today on social media is talking about the new series.

But it looks like TikTok users have taken this topic way too serious, as many TikTokers are on the verge of criticism after most of them portray Even Peter’s character Jeffrey Dahmer in a romantic way.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Credit: Netflix

Showcasing Jeffrey Dahmer’s character in a romantic way and also reconceptualizing his viral scenes videos on the social media app has caused intense debating on the app.

TikTok users are recreating viral scenes from the show’s viral videos which have thus created a heated argument among many TikTokers who are stating whether it’s even appropriate to make content out of Dahmer’s vicious scenes in the series.


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Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer causing debate among TikTokers

It looks like Viewers of the new Netflix series Monster: The Jaffer Dahmer Story very much sympathise with the character and several TikTokers are therefore recreating viral scenes from the series to show their sympathy towards Jeffrey and his mental illness which resulted in his killing people as his victims.

Some TikTok users even stated that they “would write letters to him if he was alive and that he didn’t hurt his victims ‘that much’.”Some even felt sorry for Jaffer Dahmer as claimed by some TikTok users.

But Twitter user @liliandaisies has called out several TikTok users and accounts who are showcasing their sympathetic perspective of the Serial Killer.

The Twitter user called out and also shared her thoughts in one of the recent edits regarding the series that she came across, which specifically focuses on the relationship between Dahmer and victim Tony Hughes, attempting to depict it in a positive way, therefore Lilian stated


“People are making romance TikTok edits about a serial killer and his victim.

They didn’t ‘go from people you know to people you don’t, this is about a murderer and a man he killed. My heart goes out to the families of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims,”

Therefore there has been so far an intense debate going around with the kind of perspectives that people are having over the internet, some sympathetic and some exposing the reality.


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