Tim Sale, The DC’s ‘Batman: The Long Halloween’ Comic Artist Died at 66

Yes, you heard it right. The legendary artist Tim sale who was behind The DC’s ‘Batman: The Long Halloween’ Comic passed away on Thursday. The whole industry is in a state of shock and sadness because of his immediate demise at the age of 66. This article has everything you need to know about the actor. Keep reading.


Tim Sale passed away at 66

It was none other than DC comics who confirmed Tim’s death. They did a news release on social media. The comic’s social media team pen a heartfelt note confirming the death. Although, the death’s reason has not been disclosed yet. The sources close to Tim said that he was admitted to the hospital on Monday. This was because he was feeling uneasy and had extreme health issues. The condition was somewhat stable after some time but Tim passed away on Thursday. After the death, an official claiming death of the artist was there on Tim’s official Twitter account.

It said “It’s with a heavy sadness that I must announce that Tim Sale passed away today. He passed with the love of his life beside him and loves all of you very much. Please share photos and stories under this post, as we hope to share them with the community.”

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About Tim’s past life

Tim was born on May 1st back in 1956. The birthplace is Ithaca, N.Y. He did his early schooling in the School of Visual Arts in New York. After that, he went to a workshop that was related to comics conducted by longtime Marvel artist John Buscema. Tim was quite popular in the industry, to which he gave major credit to his all collaborations with writer Jeph Loeb. Everybody from all over the world loved the duo. They have given remarkable performances and highlighted the lives of remarkable Marvel heroes. Moreover, they did that in terms of comics like Spider-Man: Blue

Daredevil: YellowHulk: Gray, and Captain America: White.

Tim Sale Passed Away
Image: Comic Book Artist Tim Sale (Credit: JEMAL COUNTESS/WIREIMAGE)

The Tim-Leo duo also did quite a remarkable work in the DC series. The work was appreciated a lot. Superman for All Seasons, and Batman: The Long Halloween are some of the great works. Big movie directors like  Christopher Nolan and Matt Reeves used Batman: The Long Halloween as inspiration while creating Dark Knight Trilogy. The batman comic was the last comic when Leo and Sale collaborated. It is considered a masterpiece by the masses.

The DC comics paid an emotional tribute to Tim’s incredible journey via social media. They posted it on Thursday afternoon after the artist’s death. “Tim Sale was an incredible artist, whose take on iconic characters had real human depth, and his groundbreaking page designs changed the way an entire generation thinks about comic book storytelling. Our condolences go to Tim’s family and friends. He will be deeply missed.”


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