Tina Forte’s Education, Career and Background Checked as She is Running Against AOC in New York

Tina Forte, who is from the Republican Party, is running against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) in New York.

Tina Forte is representing New York’s 14th Congressional District and is on ballot for the general election on November 8 this year. On August 23 this year, she defeated Desi Cuellar to run in the district’s general election on November. Meanwhile, AOC advanced from the Democratic primary for U.S. House New York District 14.


Who is Tina Forte?

Tina Forte, who was born and brought up in the Bronx, New York, is an American activist and a politician. She ran for the election to the U.S. house and won the election by defeating Desi Cuellar. Her next round of general election will be on November 8, 2022.

Career and Personal Life of Tina Forte

Tina Forte began her career as a bold and outspoken activist. Apart from that, she used to support small business and restaurant owners by fighting for their rights. Not only that, she also urged the government to open the schools for children during the lockdown.


Forte’s mother is a financial specialist while her father is a Marine Corps. Furthermore, the activist is married to Joseph Galdieri Sr. and has a child called Joseph Galdieri. Jr.

Background of Tina Forte

On January 6 this year, the QAnon believer attended and promoted Capitol Riot. Apparently, she did a livestream on Facebook during that day. During that Riot, five people died and dozens got injured. “We need to fight for our freedom, fight for our country, fight for our president, fight for our Constitution”, she said.

“So we’re out here in front of the Capitol right now, waiting for everybody who’s at the rally at the Ellipse to head over. People need to leave the Ellipse and get to the Capitol. So if anybody who has service over there and is watching this, get your ass to the Capitol”, she further added.

Tina Forte
Tina Forte

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Forte’s thoughts on AOC

Tina Forte seems to be very vocal about her rival AOC and doesn’t miss any chance to take a dig at her. “I’ve walked the district. I knock on doors. I speak to the people. They don’t want her anymore”, she said when asked about her strategy to beat her.

While referring to Rev Ruben Diaz Sr., 79, she said, “I have her voters endorsing me. The Democrats are endorsing me. Ruben Diaz endorsed me”. Furthermore, she said, “The Latino community—they are endorsing me over AOC because of her radical left agenda”.


Tina Forte’s 2019 Controversy

In 2019, her son and her husband were found guilty in federal drug and gun bust. Their family’s beverage distribution warehouse was the center ground. However, she recently apologized for her family’s actions.

“One of my three children, Joseph, made some very poor decisions. In 2019 at 25, he committed a nonviolent marijuana offense and possessed a firearm. Joseph paid the price, in fines, attorney fees, and time behind bars”, she said.

“As for my husband, he was unaware of our son’s crimes. He was only roped into the charges because of my son utilizing our business location for a single delivery of marijuana”, she continued.

“This experience has given me insights to the reforms we desperately need, including decriminalization of marijuana, expungement of marijuana violations, and restoring rights for nonviolent offenders”, she finally concluded.


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