Tom Brady makes a major revelation about his playing history in Germany

Over the years, Tom Brady has participated in a great number of historic wins and losses. The number of matches he had played till now is uncountable. However, his first-ever games in Germany rank virtually as highly as his Super Bowl victories. At least, that’s what he hinted at when he spoke to the media about the experience.


Tom Brady’ comments on the match in a recent interview

Tom Brady said “It was electric. We got there before the game. And there was a huge tailgate out front. It was electric. From the start, we ran out for pregame warmups, and [the] stadium was basically full. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like not quite a Super Bowl, but that type of electricity where everyone was just super excited to see the game. So we all felt it.”

Tom Brady also said

“Just being a part of the whole first opportunity to play an NFL game in Germany was incredibly unique. And I think everyone who played is going to remember that game for the rest of their lives. So I was really excited. We won, we played much better football than we played all year. We’re going to have to keep it up because we got some tough games ahead.”

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Tom Brady is to be in the United States for the rest of the season

The size is much smaller but the stakes are much bigger since Tom Brady will be firmly rooted in the continental United States for the remainder of the season.

Who is currently leading in scores?

The Buccaneers are in control of the NFC South race with a 5-5 record and are currently leading the division.

The team is heard to had a week off and they left Germany, but they will still maintain the lead.

Teams’ positions in the tournament

The Atlanta Falcons, who are the next closest club, will move up to 5-6 if they win their upcoming game, but they will still be one game behind.

They face the Chicago Bears, who have a functioning offense but have had trouble stopping opponents on defense.

The Buccaneers’ following contest will be against the Cleveland Browns.

Tom Brady’s upcoming matches

Following that, Tom Brady’s next five games of the season will be against the New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, and Atlanta Falcons.


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