TommyInnit’s Merchandise: Cost and How to Buy?

Streamer and youtuber TommyInnit has turned himself into a model. Now he is into promoting his new merch. It is now available to buy.

Tommy’s fans have begun purchasing some of his collection too. They are discussing about this on Twitter. There is a wide range of options available for every one to choose from.


Who is TommyInnit?

Thomas “TommyInnit” Simons, popularly known as “Tommy” or “Tom,” is one of the well-known names in the Minecraft community and content creation. He has a  unique sense of humor that he combines with his attractive personality. This has gifted him a dedicated fan following.
Tommy has the Guinness World Record for most viewers of a Minecraft gameplay live stream on Twitch. He also has the Guinness World Record for most followed Minecraft channel on Twitch. He was even ranked number 40 on the list of the highest paid streamers on the platform in mid 2021.

TommyInnit Introduces his New Merch

TommyInnit announced his new merch on November 4, 2022 on Twitter. Along with a picture of himself wearing a t-shirt from his latest collection and another in a hoodie, he wrote: “NEW MERCH IS OUT NOW!! Please signal boost this friends, I worked well hard on it.”


The streamer posted his merch with a picture of himself wearing a t-shirt from his new latest collection and another picture was in a hoodie. One can purchase Tommy’s merch on Fans rushed to the site to purchase the new collection.

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Cost of items in TommyInnit’s Merch

The list of all the items available on TommyInnit’s merch store with the price are-

Feeling Good Embroidered Hoodie – $55
TommyInnit Sunset Body Warmer – $60
TommyInnit Signature Black Hoodie – $55
Sunset Colorblock Hoodie – $65
TommyInnit Sweatshirt – Red Edition – $65
TommyInnit Shorts – Red Edition – $45
Stylistic T-Shirt – $30
TommyInnit Exclusive Body Bag – $30
TommyInnit Exclusive Patches – $16

Fans’ Reactions to the Merch

In majority of the tweets, most of TommyInnit’s fans tweeted that they are in love with his latest collection. They also shared their feedback in the comments under the post.

Fans think that the merch is really cool but it is overpriced too. TommyInnit’s fans feel that they simply can’t afford to buy the merch because of its high pricing. One of his fan said he was “too poor” to be able to afford the cool collection.
One of the fans also wrote that the prices of the merch “killed” them.
Another fan who purchased the merch stated that they paid $ 180 for buying one item, including the taxes and shipping charges.


“Want some of the new TommyInnit merch but I am broke lmao gotta love it,” was another fan’s tweet.

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