Twitch Star Nyanners Gains 100K Subs After 24-Hour Suspension

Nyatasha Nyanners is a well-known VTuber who has been suspended from Twitch. This is the first time she has been banned by an Amazon-owned platform. Everyone came to know about the ban because of the automated Twitter account StreamerBans.

After she was unbanned, Nyanners’ Twitch following exploded.

She gained more than 120,000 followers, increasing her following from 861,000 to 983,000, bringing her very close to the magical 1,000,000 mark.


Nyanners’s history on the platform

Earlier the well-known VTuber posted meme videos about anime and manga on her YouTube site in 2011. Then she started performing covers of well-known songs.

She chose the moniker Nyanners after having followers vote in a poll on her Discord channel, and she started off as a VTuber in July 2020.

She routinely uploads cover songs to her YouTube account and streams video games on Twitch in addition.

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What does Nyanners stream in her account?

She streams a number of games, including Rust, Phasmophobia, and Final Fantasy. She frequently broadcasts herself playing the notoriously challenging Dark Souls series when drunk.

The VTuber joined VShojo which is an agency for tubers. She joined as a founding member in November 2020.

Justin Ignacio was a former member of the Twitch founding team, and a YouTuber MowtenDoo. They founded the business. When the business was first established, its mission was to advance the VTuber subculture while prioritizing its employees’ talent. Ironmouse, Silvervale, and Veibae are more VTubers with the VShojo signature.

When was Nyanners banned from Twitch?

Nyanners was suspended from Twitch in the afternoon on 4th November.

The Twitch partner had never before been banned from the platform. No specific explanation for the ban or the reason why she was suspended has been provided so far.

According to a commenter on the R/LivestreamFail forum Her most recent 3D avatar model may have been oversexualized. Although this claim has not been verified, problems with 3D avatars are frequently the cause of VTuber bans.

Nyanners’s account got revived

Nyanners was removed from Twitch for a day afterward, causing the VTuber to order a model replacement quickly.

She has, however, strangely picked up 100,000 followers after her 24-hour suspension, bringing her close to the million-follower threshold.

We will have to wait and see if they are all true.


On Twitch, unbanned users are notorious for having extremely fluctuating follower counts in the hours following the system’s realignment.

The site has previously battled with bots that artificially increased an account’s following by millions of users.

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