Twitch Streamer Amouranth Live Streamed Her First Date with A New Guy Named Aaron

Twitch streamer Amouranth recently live-streamed her first date with a new guy and fans are curious to know more details about her. Let us explore this article to learn some more info.


Who is the Twitch streamer Amouranth?

Amouranth known by her real name Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa is an American Twitch streamer, social media personality and Only Fans creator. With her regular live stream, she also has her ASMR Twitch live stream.

Born in Houston, Texas, as a child she always enjoyed video games and anime, which became the reason for her keen interest in costume designing and cosplaying. Therefore, in college, she also took Fashion Design and Theatrical costume design.

However, if we talk about her career, she is one of the biggest content creators on Twitch and Only Fans, earning over $1.5 million every month. She also quit her OnlyFans account so to focus on the Twitch streaming platform.


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Twitch streamer Amouranth streams her first date with a new guy named Aaron

Recently Twitch streamer went live on her Twitch account and thus streamed her first date on her channel.

When the streamer exposed her relationship with her husband in a twitch live broadcast which included a very tense argument between the couple, therefore she and her husband separated thereafter.

But on November 20, the streamer Amouranth went live on her channel titling the stream with “FIRST DATE IRL WITH A GIGACHAD,” in the video she went to a climbing gym with a new guy named Aaron and fans are thus hundred per cent sure that he is her new boyfriend.

Thereby the streamer thus in the live stream revealed that he likes to party and is a very fitness freak kind of a person, according to her he is 34 years old and also a personal trainer.

Amouranth becomes the only female streamer in Twitch’s top 100

Amouranth becomes one of Twitch’s top 100 streamers, as someone as famous as Amouranth she becomes the only female streamer in the Twitch top 100 which is a very big thing in the male dominating streaming platform.

But she has recently not been streaming due to her personal relationship issues with her abusive husband, but now that she has moved on with her new relationship, it looks like she is back in the game and fully enjoying it.

Moreover, Amouranth is the only woman in the top 100 most-watched streamers overall.

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