Twitch Streamer ‘brianas_w0rld’ Got Banned: Bikini Stream Went Wrong

Recently, a Twitch streamer named ‘brianas_w0rld’ had to face the ban hammer due to her questionable content. The Amazon-owned company had to ban her because of the inappropriate poses she did in her bikini.


What exactly happened with brianas_w0rld?

On October 18, Tuesday, the creator brianas_w0rld went live while flaunting her bikini and was seen enjoying in the pool. The creators have the facility to execute stream goals.

brianas_w0rld used this facility and one of her goals was to write the viewer’s name on her body if they paid her $20 which was completely acceptable under the Twitch guidelines. However, her other goals caused some stir among the viewers.

At some point, brianas_w0rld started doing some yoga poses and squats. Due to this activity, it seemed like she was being “sexually suggestive” by deliberately showing off her assets.


Many people took to Twitter to have their say on this matter. They questioned how this type of content can be allowed on Twitch. One such creator JakeNBake gave his two cents on this topic.

“I am on the side of hate the game, not the player. If it’s allowed, go for it. But, I think Twitch has obviously let the line drift way too far AND the insane inconsistency with moderating content on the platform is just disappointing”, he wrote.


Finally, Twitch had to take action and ban the woman. As of today, she hasn’t talked about this issue in any of her social media handles.

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This is not the first time

Creators getting banned from Twitch for a number of reasons is sadly a normal occurance to happen. While some people were banned not complying to the age limit cond itions, others were banned for their inappropriate clothing.


One such creator was a woman named “Indiefoxx”. She got banned almost four times due to various reasons. At last, there was no option left for her other than to raise her concern on Twitter. While some believed that the ban was well deserved, others thought that Twitch was being too harsh.

The controversy surrounding the “hot tub” meta

When Twitch created a subcategory “hot tub”, it raised many eyebrows. Some people criticized it for pushing adult content and female creators to get famous without doing anything. Last year, one such creator called “xQc” slammed this category.

He took to Twitter and shared his frustration with the meta. “I’m gonna be honest, this hot tub meta is by far the most pathetic thing we’ve seen on Twitch in forever. What a sad reality. Please get this trash off the front page”, he wrote.

When the criticism went out of hand, Twitch had to go live on May 21 and address the issue.

“While we have guidelines about sexually suggestive content, being found to be sexy by others is not against our rules, and Twitch will not take enforcement action against women, or anyone on our service, for their perceived attractiveness”, it said.


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