Tytyana Miller, Daughter of Hip Hop Artist Master P Dies Aged 30: How She Died?

On a recent occasion, Percy Robert Miller Sr., better known by his stage as Master P, announced the passing of his daughter Tytyana Miller through social media. It is never simple to experience the loss of a loved one. Sincere sympathies are being to the Miller family at this difficult time. The American rapper broke the tragic news on Instagram, where he also requested his follower’s privacy while he grieves. The Rock-It performer, who is 52 years old, said in an online post that “our family is suffering from an unbearable sadness for the death of my daughter Tytyana.” “We ask that you please accept our desire for privacy so that our family may mourn in peace.” We are grateful for everyone’s love, prayers, and support at this difficult time. Continue reading to find out more about what ultimately led to Tytyana’s death.


Reason for Tytyana Miller’s Death

In 2016, when she was a guest on the reality program Growing Up Hip Hop. She said that she was addicted to narcotics and had difficulty kicking the habit. She also said that her parents’ breakup was the reason she was using drugs.


Her father and brother offered their assistance and support to her, and she accepted it, along with that of her other family members and the assistance of specialists, so that she could refrain from using narcotics.

Tytyana Miller
Image: Tytyana Miller and Master P

“Mental illness and drug misuse is a genuine problem that we can’t be ashamed to speak about,” Master P, whose true name is Percy Robert Miller Sr, continued. Because of God, we shall prevail over this challenge. #MyAngel

On social media, Miller’s brother Romeo Miller, who is 32 years old, also paid homage to his sister, Tytyana Miller. Who had passed away, dying, “Our family is suffering from an unbearable sadness for the death of my little sister Tytyana. Tytyana was Miller’s younger sister.


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Tytyana Miller, Daughter of Hip Hop Artist Master P

Before she passed away, Tytyana was a prominent participant in the television series Growing Up Hip Hop. The show recorded her struggle with addiction and her father and brother Romeo’s attempts to assist her in remaining sober. Tytyana was featured on the show until the day she died. In one of the episodes from 2016, she discussed her time spent in a rehabilitation center. Tytyana shared with her father that she didn’t believe she needed treatment at a rehabilitation facility since she thought she could function well without it.


The words “I mean you say that TyTy, but on the serious side, I believe we should seek some professional assistance just to make sure you remain on track” was said by Master P to his daughter. “I mean, you say that, TyTy.”

I don’t want you to continue doing this. Therefore I believe it’s crucial that you at least give this a go.

After hearing the news of Tytyana’s passing, a rush of condolences and tributes came pouring in. One mourner wrote to the family, saying, “Sending my thoughts and sincerest sympathies to you and the family.”

Tytyana Miller
Image: Tytyana Miller and his kids

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