Ukrainian Base Jumper, Maxim Slobodian Died at 31: How did He die?

Maxim Slobodian, a professional Base Jumper, met his unfortunate demise on Sunday, July 17, 2022. People all around the world are shocked at his untimely death, as he was just 31 years old. However, his relatives or representatives haven’t provided any official confirmation regarding the matter, and the news of the death is all over social media.


When and Where did the accident take place?

The tragic incident took place in Walenstadt, St. Gallen, Switzerland near the border of Liechtenstein. According to the local police reports, the mishap occurred around 7 PM on Sunday.

Details of the accident of Maxim Slobodian

Maxim Slobodian was a Ukrainian skydiver born in Los Angeles, America. He lived in Dubai. He has gone to Switzerland, a week ago, for his jump. The reports say, he jumped off the Sputnik launch site a little later than 7 PM, in the direction of Walenstadt. However, when the BASE jumper reached the Tieregg area, he crashed into obstacles that might be trees or rocks.

Maxim Slobodian
Maxim Slobodian Death reason (Credit: Q Sports)

There isn’t any official news about a parachute malfunction but according to some witnesses, they described it as a horrible incident as Slobodian struggled with his parachute. He tried opening it but twisted the lines. And the parachute didn’t open. As a result, He fell for around 300m. A rescue team present on site tried to save him. But the Doctor declared him dead on spot.


The reason for his death is said to be the fatal injuries sustained by him due to the crash and fall. While the exact nature of the injuries is not known, they have led to his tragic demise.

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Maxim Slobodian died just a day after his last Instagram post

Maxim Slobodian was quite popular on Instagram. Also known as Maximigmite, he had around 180k followers on his Instagram. His account mentions he was an athlete, a coach, and a professional skydiver who performed TI skydiving, Accelerated Free Fall, Base Jumps, etcetera. His last Instagram post says, quote, “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” The irony of the post is hard to believe. He had posted a picture of him in the wingsuit, the skydiving attire, standing near a cliff in Switzerland.

The Condolences of his fans, friends, and co-workers are pouring

Maxim Slobodian was very much loved by his fans who are in utter disbelief right now. They are finding it hard to believe that Slobodian died doing what he was best at! The fans are paying their heartfelt tributes to him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Dubai-based skydiver Sara Seif El, writes in an emotional post, that he was his dearest brother. She posted a screenshot of a chat between her and Maxim, in which she pleads with him not to perform any more BASE jumping. And that she would never forgive him if anything happened to him. To which he replies, quote, “But you understand it is impossible to take away wings from birds. I’ll be extremely careful.”

An Israeli photographer and videographer Ofer Yakov, who had reportedly shooted many helicopter jumps together, paid his tributes saying that Max was a unique person full of love and happiness.


A Twitter user wrote Maxim was such a big-hearted person who lived his life fully. We hope that he is in a good place.

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