Valdir Segato Before And After: Brazilian Body Builder’s Story Explored

Brazilian bodybuilder Valdir Segato, 55, passed away after injecting dangerous oils into his muscles in an effort to resemble The Hulk and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Valdir gained more than a million followers on TikTok thanks to his impressive 23-inch biceps and beastly physique.


Meet Valdir Segato : Brazilain Monster

Brazilian bodybuilder Valdir Segato, 55, is a renowned tiktok entertainer with his biceps.

He is from Ribeirao Preto, a city in the larger So Paulo state, although originally from So Paulo.

The bodybuilder allegedly struggled with drug addiction throughout his adolescent years, which caused him to become so thin he earned the moniker “slim dog.”

Segato gained not just local fame because of his 23-inch biceps but also fame on TikTok as the “Brazilian Hulk.”

On the social networking site, he had 1.7 million followers and frequently posted videos of himself flexing his muscles.

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Valdir Segato Life story before he transformed into Brazilian Hulk

Valdir Segato’s parents welcomed him into the world on 26th July 1967 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  For most of his lifetime,  he lived apart from his family.

He finished his elementary schooling at a nearby school. Following that, he graduated from a prestigious high school with his siblings.


Valdir Segato said that after finishing his studies, he worked in a variety of jobs. He spent several years working as a construction worker as well.

The bodybuilder allegedly struggled with drug addiction throughout his adolescent years, which caused him to become so thin.

As a result , People used to call him as slim dog.

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Here is the Valdir Segato Life story after he became Brazilian Hulk

He made the incorrect decision when he set out to build muscles. He began to infuse oil.

These are injections to strengthen his muscles via his body.

He is asked to stop using oil injections in large doses by the physicians around six years ago since they can be hazardous and lead to amputation.


He ignored the advice of the medical professionals and used oil injections for more than 6 years. Valdir segato frequently felt out of breath but was able to make it to the hospital in time.

“They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man all the time and I like that. I’ve doubled my biceps but I still want to be bigger,” He told in an interview with Daily Mail.

As soon as he started injecting himself, his biceps grew to a whopping 23 inches. He said he is happy with his reputation as “the monster” on the streets.

On social media, he shared pictures of his changing figure and even went by the name “Valdir Synthol” on Instagram.


On TikTok, The Brazilian Monster has 1.7 million followers.

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Brazilian Hulk Valdir Segato dies at age 55 on his birthday

On July 26, 2022, Valdir Segato was enjoying his 55th birthday when he went suddenly.

At before 6 am, he reportedly complained of having trouble breathing, according to a statement from the Brazilian news organization Globo.

The statement follows like this :

“He came crawling through the back house and came to the front,” Globo quoted Segato’s neighbour. 

“Then he knocked on my mother’s window – knocked, knocked – then she woke up and he said ‘help me, help me because I’m dying’.

“They put him in the car and then went to the UPA [North Emergency Care Unit – a local hospital].

“He arrived at the UPA and he fell at the reception – I think he had a heart attack.” added the neighbour.

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