Vanessa Amorosi, Australian Singer, After Olivia Newton-John’s Death, Got Emotional in Live Interview

Having just learned about Olivia Newton-passing, John’s Australian singer Vanessa Amorosi had to leave her live interview on Sunrise this morning due to an apparent emotional breakdown.

Amorosi, who had recently performed at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, was scheduled to come on the program to talk about her new single.

The main news of the morning, though, was Newton-passing John at age 73 following a long battle with cancer. Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and David Koch were eager to first question Amorosi about her memories of the celebrity.


How the interview went

“It is an incredibly sad day – Vanessa, what are your memories?”  Barr questioned as they walked over to the Australian vocalist in Birmingham. “Uh … I don’t know. I don’t particularly want to think about it, because I’ll get very emotional,” Amorosi said.

Koch gave her time to “compose” her thoughts on the late music icon. He then turned the subject to talk about Amorosi’s performance at the Commonwealth Games and her new single. A little while later, as the interview was coming to a close, the hosts returned to talking about Olivia Newton-John.


Barr added as a picture of the three Australian singers at the Sydney 2000 Olympics came on screen, “We know it’s a sad day for you and so many people, but we wanted to show this photo from quite a few years ago of you, Olivia Newton-John and Tina Arena,”

“Can you talk us through those memories, that time, Vanessa?”. Amorosi gave it her all, but she soon lost control of her emotions.

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Vanessa Amorosi’ emotional breakdown

To that question, she replied, “Both of these women I have looked up to since (I was) a kid … I don’t know. I’m actually very sad about Olivia, to be honest. It’s..” She then signaled for the interview to end by lowering her head and raising her hand.

Her time was appreciated by Barr and Koch, who also commented on how challenging it must have been to learn the news between a live concert and a live TV interview.

Olivia Newton-John’s battle with cancer


Olivia was born in Britain and raised in Melbourne, and fought cancer for many years before it reappeared in 2013.

She disclosed in May 2017 that her breast cancer had come back and metastasized to her sacrum. In 2018, it became known that she was fighting the condition once more. Newton-John stated in October of last year that she was suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer and used medical marijuana to ease the pain.

Vanessa Amorosi
Olivia Newton-John (Credit: Getty Images)

Fans had been anticipating this news for years, and it was finally confirmed today: Olivia Newton-John had passed away at her ranch in Southern California, surrounded by family members, including her husband John Easterling and daughter Chloe Lattanzi.


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