Veridis Quo: What Does It Mean as Elon Musk Tweeted This?

Elon Musk has to be the name of the world’s most famous and influential person. And why not, The CEO of Twitter is the richest man in the world. Apart from the multitrillion ventures he owns, he is also quite famous for spiking controversies. With the help of social media handles like Twitter, the billionaire often makes controversial tweets. One such tweet appeared some time back having the words “Veridis Quo,”.


What does it mean?

The world and the media always have eyes on the man’s tweets as often they are entertaining and very informative. Also, people are again very curious over this tweet, What it means is something the article has to offer.

Elon teased his fans with a cryptic two-letter tweet. The phrase “Veridis Quo” appears as the title of the film Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem released in 2003. Just like all the other tweets, this tweet is also flooded with a lot of comments, likes, and reshares.


Musk tweeted: “Tesla Plaid S cruising around Austin with volume at 11 is sublime.” just a minute before this post. There are a lot of speculations from all over the world about this tweet. Some of them said that if the two-letter phrase is spoken loudly it sounds like Very Disco. However, these all are speculations and there is no such confirmation from Elon as well. 

Veridis Quo
Image: Elon Musk (Credit: Getty Images)

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Veridis Quo Latin Translation

This word obviously has a Latin meaning. The term is a play of words on the Latin phrase “Quo Vadis,” which basically means in English where are you going? Now was this a reference to a song by Draft Punk or was this just a fun tweet? The time will tell because the world knows that Musk’s tweets are often very confusing for the whole of the world.


Latest tweets

Now, the reference to the song makes logic because last month Elon made a lot of tweets related to music. Also, he released a track on SoundCloud which is available on Spotify, he even mentioned in a sarcastic way the song in tweets asking people to listen to it in their tesla with volume 11. The same received a lot of positive comments and encouragement from millions of people.

Daft Punk – Veridis Quo

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