Vertell Davis, A TikToker Goes Viral After Catching Doorman Who Ate Her UberEats Order

A TikTok Video has been trending in which Vertell Davis a woman confronts her doorman asking him who eats her UberEats food orders.

In this new viral video, TikToker Vertell Davis summons her apartment’s doorman and questions him regarding her pizza.

Apparently, the person ate her slice of Pizza as there was one piece missing from the food delivery.


Vertell Davis Interrogates Doorman Who Ate Her UberEats Order

The video was posted with a caption that stated “I pay $3,000 a month to live in a luxury building only to have my doorman eat my Uber Eats.”

This grilling session between the content creator Vertell Davis and an unnamed faceless Doorman has amassed around 1.8+ million views on the platform.

As the clip starts, Davis politely questioned the doorman as to why her one slice of pizza was missing from the box. She knew that the same man ate her UberEat order.

The doorman replied that it was a ‘certain time’ and he had no clue that it belongs to her. Now Davis lost her calm and said bitterly-


“I’m pretty sure this could probably get you fired. I’m not even gonna lie. I’m not going to say anything but like, that’s f**ked up because I’m deadass hungry.”


I Pay 3k A Month To Live in A Luxury Building Only To Have My Doorman Eat My Uber Eats 😡 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #relatable #luxurybuilding #nyc #onlyinthebronx #disrespectful #unbelievable #shaderroom

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How Did The Doorman Steal A Slice Of Pizza?

Video creator Vertell Davis tells that she came to receive her food delivery from the gym. When she was there to pick, the doorman pretended that he did not know where the Pizza order was.

However, proceeded to take the order from the back.

In the end, Davis ends the discussion by being a bigger person but comments that he did not have to lie for this.

“Honestly, it’s okay. Honestly, because you might have been hungrier than I was for you to eat somebody else’s food. That’s crazy for me. You didn’t have to sit here and lie to me.”


UPDATE: I Pay 3k A Month In A Luxury Building To Have My Doorman Eat My Uber Eats #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #relatable

#update #shaderoom #disrespectful #luxurybuilding #onlyinthebronx #nyc #newyork ♬ original sound – Vertell

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Davis Showered With Praises From Viewers

The ending part of the video was the highlight. As Vertell Davis offered another slice of pizza to the doorman and walked away.

After the video went viral, Davis received compliments about handling the situation so well. One user even said, had it been they in the same spot, they would have gone to the leasing office immediately.

Another user complimented her “You are kind.”

Vertell shares an update that the doorman self-reported to avoid any trouble. But the creator clarified that she had no intention of reporting him. Also, she maintained her calmness as she has more to lose as a business owner.


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