Vic Mensa Pleads Guilty in Shrooms Case: What Did Vic Do?

Rapper Victor Kwesi Mensah aka Vic Mensa has pleaded guilty in Shrooms Case. What did Vic actually do? What did the authorities arrest him for? Read on to find out.


Arrested on Charges of Drug Possession By U.S Customs

After flying back from his trip to Ghana, airport authorities arrested the rapper at Dulles Airport outside Washington D.C on account of the possession of illegal drugs. Customs and Border Protection officers uncovered a stash of drugs in his luggage during a second baggage examination. Allegedly, officers found liquid LSD, psilocybin capsules, psilocybin gummies, and psilocybin mushrooms

Consequently, they booked Vic Mensa for felony narcotics possession. Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority took him into custody. It would appear that this is not the first time authorities have arrested Vic.

Vic Mensa
Image: Vic Mensa

Previous Arrests of Vic Mensa

In January of 2020, police arrested Vic Mensa for carrying around “brass knuckles”. After pulling the rapper over in Glendale, California for making an “unsafe turn” on his motorcycle, police body searched him. They discovered a pair of brass knuckles in his pants pocket. They then booked Vic on a charge of felony possession of brass knuckles. It was only after he posted a 20,000$ bond, did they release him.

At this point again, Vic Mensa seems to have had a bad brush with the authorities. This time around on a more serious and damaging charge. Sources reported that the feds are still testing the substance they allegedly found.

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Guilty Confession and Statements

However, now it seems Vic Mensa’s pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance. But, Vic Mensa won’t do any time behind bars after striking a deal with prosecutors. A representative for the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Kendra Glover, spoke to reporters about the rapper’s situation.

He said, “Mensa pled guilty to one count of possession of a Schedule III controlled substance, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor. We’re told as part of the plea deal he got 12 months in jail, but that was suspended. Meaning instead of serving it behind bars, he’ll have a year of unsupervised probation. Vic will also have to take a substance abuse assessment, perform 25 hours of community service, and pay a $1k fine. He’ll get 50 percent off that fine if he successfully completes the other probation terms”.

Vic himself also spoke up. He stated, “In this case, I have decided to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge. I have been extremely vocal about my mental health, the culture at large, and access to mental health treatment. It is important to note the extensive research being done on the topic of psilocybin [shrooms] and the many significant movements underway for legalization and decriminalization. Unfortunately, our laws have not kept up with the research showing that psychedelic plants and compounds can be successfully used to treat otherwise treatment-resistant mental illness.”


He concludes his statement by saying, “I have contributed positively to many communities and will continue to do so with this case. My hope is that the silver lining to this matter will be increased focus on the effectiveness of psychedelics to treat mental illness and mood disorders that millions are battling with depression and anxiety with the hope that all of our laws will change accordingly.”


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