Viral Fight Video Where Zendaya Get Assaulted Debunked

Zendaya is Ganz’s favourite actress currently. She’s famous for her roles in Spiderman series along with Tom Holland and the web series Euphoria. She is famous for her great performances in movies and web series. Recently there is a video going viral where the spiderman star is assaulted by another woman. Zendaya viral video is all over the social media. What is the video about? What is the reality? The article will cover these topics.


About Zendaya viral video

There is a video going viral these days on social media. Instagram and Twitter are flooded with people sharing a 7-sec video where there are two women. The video is depressing as the two women are violently involved. The video shows one person attacking the other woman seen in a hooded jacket. The accused is kicking and punching the victim in a very harsh and merciless way. Zendaya viral video is all over the social media


The woman laying on the ground is covering her head to protect her head from the attacker. She is continuously sobbing and shouting. She has a brown shopping bag in her hand. As the video is about to end we can see the attacker dragging the woman back and slamming her head again. Then she kicks her mercilessly. The person who is recording the camera does not show his face in the video. Moreover, he is cheering for the person attacking the victim.

Zendaya Viral Video
Image: Zendaya

The video started to trend anonymously, without any context and no one knows how it started erupting. One of the main reasons for this video being viral is because the victim shows her face in the last few seconds. The face resembles that of Hollywood sensation Zendaya. Some people also state that it can be a misunderstanding. This is because of the shocking resemblance due to the curly hair, and dusky skin colour. The traits perfectly resemble that of Rue from the HBO based web series Euphoria.

People are continuously tagging her and commenting on the post. Still the actress has not reacted anything to the current controversy.

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Is that really Zendaya?

There are a lot of speculations from the fans. Stating the dune actress being in the video but there are still who believe it is really unlikely. Some people shared facts and pictures trying to influence all, They shared a picture of Zendaya clicked earlier this month where she sports short curly hair which is quite the opposite of what was there in the video. She actually has a Bob style haircut currently.


 Moreover, the girl in the video is wearing Rainbow coloured crocs. Zendaya earlier revealed in an interview that she loves wearing sneakers or heels and there is nothing in between. So this somehow makes sense of her not being in the video. To end the video is not very clear for someone to conclude of the victim is Zendaya. Furthermore, she looks to be wearing an ankle monitor, which was noticed by some of the social media users which concludes of she not being the spiderman’s girlfriend. Anyways, if it is the actress or somebody else, it is really sad to see this happening.

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