Watch: Senator Josh Hawley Running Away Memes

Since Thursday evening, a video has been doing rounds on Twitter showing Senator Josh Hawley running away from a mob. And Twitter is doing what it’s best at, meme-fiction of the video as well as Josh Hawley. He has become a popular meme material overnight.


Outburst of laughter during Jan 6 hearing

In the video, US Senator Josh Hawley is fleeing from a group of Donald Trump’s supporters. What makes the video funnier is the fact that he riled those supporters by showing his support to them.

During a hearing regarding the events of January 6, the footage was revealed and it resulted in an outburst of laughter in the hearing room. The hearing discussed the actions of Donald Trump, or lack thereof, during the assault on Capitol on January 6th, by his loyal supporters. His list of supporters also includes Senator Josh Hawley.

Josh Hawley Fleeing after rising fist in solidarity

The representative Elaine Luria showed the picture of Josh Hawley raising his fist in solidarity with the protestors gathering near the secur ity gates. She said

, quote, “We have talked to a Capitol Police Officer who was present there. He said that Hawley’s gesture incited the mob and played a key role in the further events that took place.” According to Luria, it was unacceptable as the Senator was doing it while being at a safe spot, protected by the barriers and police officers.

The Congresswomen further added that fifteen minutes after Trump made his infamous speech near the White House, he knew about the events unfolding at the Capitol House. But he chose to ignore the events. Trump’s allies were forcing the Vice President to overturn the 2020 polls. January 6, 2021, riot was the worst domestic attack on the U.S. government since the Civil War.

It involved a mob of thousands who were hellbent on keeping Donald Trump in power. The mob marched to the Capitol, defying the police guards, and succeeded in delaying the certification and nearly stopping it. It almost resulted in a coup. The lives of members of Congress were threatened they were forced to flee the House and Senate chambers.

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“Hawley ran faster than Forest Grump”

Twitterites have been roasting Hawley by making hilarious tweets and comments. “Josh Hawley ran faster than Forrest Gump,” one user tweeted. A user joked, “From now on, if political reporters ask Josh Hawley if he’s planning to run, he’s going to have to ask them to clarify what they actually mean.” A verified twitter account by the name of Fred Wellman wrote, quote, “Hawling ass’ is now an American term…and gotta tell you…can’t wait for the 2024 Senate campaign.”

Josh Hawley running to different hilarious soundtracks

Users have edited the videos in all the hilarious ways possible. Videos of Hawley running to different soundtracks are being circulated. Users have put all their creativity to use, by inserting tracks from “Benny Hill”, “Born to Run”, “Chariots of Fire”, and an Obligatory “Kate Bush”. A user commented, “whoever gets that josh hawley clip set to kate bush is gonna do some big numbers.” Charlotte Clymer jokes, “Where does Josh Hawley like to do his shopping? The flee market.”

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